Career Development in Higher Education

Edited by:
Jeff L. Samide, California University of Pennsylvania
Grafton T. Eliason, California University of Pennsylvania
John Patrick, California University of Pennsylvania

A volume in the series: Issues in Career Development. Editor(s): Grafton T. Eliason, California University of Pennsylvania. John Patrick, California University of Pennsylvania.

Published 2011

The purpose of Career Development in Higher Education is to provide a broad and in-depth look at the field of career development as it applies to individuals involved in higher education activities, in a variety of educational and vocational training settings.

The book will examine some of the field’s major themes, approaches and assumptions using the writings of a variety of regional and international experts/authors. Specific emphasis is spent examining issues reflective of today’s challenges in developing and maintaining a workforce that is diverse, flexible and efficient. Readers will be provided with an action based framework built on the best available research information.

Acknowledgements. Foreword. Introduction: Career Counseling in Higher Education. Section I: A Comprehensive Overview of Career Development in Higher Education. A Review of the Literature and Important Resources Concerning Career Development in Higher Education, Rebecca L. Roberts Martin. Influences on Career Decision Making, William S. Rullo. Preparing High School Students for Career Development Activities in Higher Education, Kimberly J. Desmond and Kayla Snyder. Pre- and Post-Secondary Career Selection: A Process for Mentorship and Identity Development, Emily M. Sweitzer. Section II: The Practice of Career Development in Four Year Learning Institutions. The Practice of Career Development in Private and Public Colleges and Universities, Nadine E. Garner, Cathy E. Rintz, and Brielle E. Valle. Career Counseling Centers at the College Level, Gene Sutton and Rhonda Gifford. Section III: Career Development in Graduate Level Education. Using Career Development Theory and Practice to Meet the Needs of Master’s Students, Matthew W. Ishler. Career Counseling for Doctoral Students and Research Institutions, Travis W. Schermer and Caroline Perjessy. Section IV: Technical Institutions and Community Colleges. Postsecondary Career and Technical Education Students and Career Development, Jonathan Lent and Maryann Meniru. The Role of Career Development in Two-Year and Community Colleges, Fred Redekop and Chad Luke. Section V: Contemporary Topics in Career Development. The Evolution of the Virtual Learning Environment and the Internet, Ray Feroz and Marissa Fenwick. Multi-Cultural Issues in Career Development, Demond Bledsoe and Eric Owens. Career Development and the International Student, Lourens Human, Ilse Ruane, Vicky Timm, and Nkateko Ndala-Magoro. Career Development of Special Needs Students and Students with Disabilities, Helen S. Hamlet and Theodore R. Burnes. Career Development in the Military, Col George T. Williams, Brig Gen Michael B. Barrett, and Lt Col Charles H. Graham. Retraining and Second Careers in a Declining Job Market, James K. Matta, Sr., Dana S. Matta, and Thomas F. Matta. Career Development and the Student-Athlete, Amy S. Walker and Taunya Marie Tinsley. Job Support Services: Helping to Remove Barriers Facing College Graduates with Mental Illness, Mark Lepore. About the Editors. Contributors.

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