Creating School Partnerships that Work

A Guide for Practice and Research

Edited by:
Frances K. Kochan, Auburn University
Dana M. Griggs, Columbus State University

A volume in the series: Dimensions of Leadership and Institutional Success: Exploring Connections and Partnerships. Editor(s): Ellen H. Reames, Auburn University.

Published 2020

THIS IS A UNIQUE BOOK. IF YOU CARE ABOUT SCHOOLS AND SCHOOLING AND THE WAY IN WHICH PARTNERSHIPS MAY HELP TO STRENGTHEN AND IMPROVE THEM AND THE INSTITUTIONS THAT PARTNER WITH THEM, YOU SHOULD READ IT! School partnerships have a long history in the United States. The inception of public schooling was a type of partnership with the community. The concept of local school boards and local control was integral to the establishment of schools and the idea that public education was a public good has deep roots in the country. Partnerships denote relationships which are mutually beneficial to the parties involved and which result in joint benefits for those who create and engage in them. The partnerships presented in this book provide ample evidence of the value and benefits of these arrangements.

The book contains stories and research about school partnerships from a variety of groups and perspectives, which are focused upon multiple issues within educational institutions and communities within the United States. The final chapter, presents an analysis across all the partnerships to identify the elements that fostered and hindered their success and the primary lessons learned. This analysis should provide meaningful information for those engaged in developing and operating similar partnerships or those involved in conducting research on or about them. Although the cases presented in this book occur within the United States, the findings may also have relevance for similar initiatives in other

Praise for Creating School Partnerships that Work: A Guide for Practice and Research:

Kudos to Dana Griggs and Frances Kochan for compiling the rich accountings of eight different school partnerships all in one place. Readers will learn a great deal from both the individual accountings of a broad array of partnerships as well as the collective analysis of the partnerships and lessons learned across them. Creating School Partnerships that Work:A Guide for Research and Practice is a must-read book for anyone who ever has been, is, or desires to be involved in any type of school partnership.
Nancy Fichtman Dana, Professor, School of Teaching and Learning
University of Florida, Gainesville

Creating School Partnerships that Work: A Guide for Research and Practice is a must read for scholars, researchers, practitioners, and community members seeking to identify elements of successful school partnerships that foster students' academic and personal successes. This edited volume shares stakeholders' perspectives on multi-dimensional school partnerships, which have successfully led to sustained collaborations across diverse purposes that are mutually beneficial for all groups. The usefulness of the content analysis presented in the final chapter, which identifies elements both fostering and hindering partnerships with recommendations, cannot be overstated.
Mary Barbara Trube,
Professor Emerita, Ohio University-Chillicothe
Contributing Faculty & Dissertation Mentor, Walden University
Early Childhood Education Adjunct Faculty, Florida SouthWestern State College
Mentor & Early Childhood Consultant, ILEAD Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

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"...each case in Creating School Partnerships That Work is relevant to teacher preparation programs in the process of restructuring programmatic goals toward teaching for social justice, facilitating critical service learning initiatives and deeper pedagogical knowledge. The multiple contexts are nuanced and relatable to multiple audiences aiming to improve programmatic efforts. The cases are multifaceted in scope; explicitly detail their step-bystep restructuring efforts; reflect on key player roles across district, university, and community contexts and outcomes; and acknowledge the significance of revisiting their goals for revising strategies toward promoting long-term sustainability." K. Dara Hill University of Michigan in School Community Journal (Read full review)