Educational Administration, Policy, and Reform

Research and Measurement

Edited by:
Wayne K. Hoy, The Ohio State University
Cecil Miskel, University of Michigan

A volume in the series: Research and Theory in Educational Administration. Editor(s): Arnold B. Danzig, San José State University. William R. Black, University of South Florida.

Published 2004

This book series on Theory and Research in Educational Administration is about understanding schools. We welcome articles and analyses that explain school organizations and administration. We are interested in the "why" questions about schools. To that end, case analyses, surveys, large data base analyses, experimental studies, and theoretical analyses are all welcome. We provide the space for authors to do comprehensive analyses where that is appropriate and useful. We believe that the Theory and Research in Educational Administration Series has the potential to make an important contribution to our field, but we will be successful only if our colleagues continue to join us in this mission.

About the Authors. Editors’ Comments, Wayne K. Hoy and Cecil G. Miskel. Reform Refractions: Organizational Perspectives On Standards-Based Reform, Jane Coggshall. Local Anchors Versus State Levers In State-Led School Reform: Identifying The Community Around Public Schools, John Sipple. District Central Office-Community Partnerships: From Contracts To Collaboration To Control, Meredith I. Honig. Communities Of Practice And Teacher Quality, Susan M. Printy and Helen M. Marks. Estimating the Effects of Academic Departments on Organic Design in High Schools: A Crossed-Multilevel Analysis, Sang-Jin Kang, Brian Rowan, and Stephen W. Raudenbush. Implementing Teacher Evaluation Systems: How Principals Make Sense Of Complex Artifacts To Shape Local Instructional Practice, Richard Halverson, Carolyn Kelley, and Steven Kimball. We Must Model How We Teach: Learning To Lead With Compelling Models Of Professional Development, Ellen Goldring and Nancy Vye. Putting Tab A Into Slot B: A Reliable Method For Identifying Subsystem Advocacy Coalitions, Thomas V. Shepley. Social Capital in Education: Taking Stock of Concept and Measure, Patrick B. Forsyth and Curt M. Adams. An Exploratory Analysis Of Faculty Trust In Higher Education, Alan R. Shoho and Page A. Smith. Theoretical And Empirical Foundations Of Mindful Schools, Wayne K. Hoy, Charles Quincey Gage, III, and C. John Tarter. The Outsider-Within: Toward A Socially Critical Theory Of Leadership, Khaula Murtadha and Colleen L. Larson.