Emerging Perspectives on Values in Organizations

Edited by:
Stephen W. Gilliland, University of Arizona
Dirk D. Steiner, Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Daniel P. Skarlicki, The University of British Columbia

A volume in the series: Research in Social Issues in Management. Editor(s): Eden B. King, Rice University. Quinetta Roberson, Villanova University. Mikki Hebl, Rice University.

Published 2003

The chapters in this volume offer new and innovative ways to view values related to fairness, as well as work-related values, their antecedents and consequences. All have been peer reviewed prior to their publication. This volume consists of two parts. The first part focuses on value-based theories in organizations. The papers in this section address issues such as how to define, classify and study values; how values influence fairness by influencing what people believe what they deserve; how one’s own identity relates to fairness perceptions, and how values and norms affect the way that people perceive or construe events.