Perspectives on Gender and Work

Edited by:
Eden B. King, Rice University
Quinetta M. Roberson, Michigan State University
Mikki R. Hebl, Rice University

A volume in the series: Research in Social Issues in Management. Editor(s): Eden B. King, Rice University. Quinetta M. Roberson, Michigan State University. Mikki R. Hebl, Rice University.

Published 2020

Few time periods in the past five decades match the intensity of intergroup conflict that people around the world are currently experiencing. Polarized attitudes around various sociopolitical issues, such as gender equality and immigration, have dominated the media and our lives. Furthermore, these powerful social dynamics have also impacted the places where we work and intensified existing strains on workers and workplaces. To address these issues and improve organizational climates, more theories, research and collaborations to understand these phenomena are needed. The volumes in this series will describe and instigate scholarship that advances our understanding of diversity in organizations.

In recognition of the centennial anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted American women the right to vote and the subsequent struggle for women of color to exercise it, this volume features the personal narratives of recognized scholars in the field who have advanced understanding of gender at work. In this way, we appreciate, and gain perspective on, the rewards and challenges of this essential scholarship and the lives of those who engage in it. The combination of these narratives is an exciting and meaningful exploration of the study of gender and its intersection with other marginalized social identities at work that authentically captures the experiences of scholars in the field and inventively pushes our understanding of diversity in organizations.

Preface. When Demographics Disadvantage: Why I do Research on Gender in the Workplace (and Believe You Should Too), Derek R. Avery. Feminist Organization Studies: A Love Story, Yvonne Benschop. I Didn’t Even Know I Was Sexually Harassed: One Scholar’s Journey to Learning More About Why Sexual Harassment Occurs, Mindy E. Bergman. Men, Gender, and Second-Order Bias: A Reflection, Martin N. Davidson. Reluctantly Learning to Appreciate the Importance of Gender, Nancy DiTomaso. Confessions of an Accidental Tourist: My Journey as a Gender Researcher, John F. Dovidio. My Learning Journey: Seven Turning Points in My Life as a Gender-and-Race Scholar, Robin J. Ely. Understanding the Lived Experience of Women’s Health and Well-Being at Work, Allison S. Gabriel. Take That Detour: Unexpected Influences on a Research Career, Peter Glick. Gender at the Work–Family Interface: A Collaborative Journey, Jeffrey H. Greenhaus and Gary N. Powell. Marching Forward, Mikki Hebl. My Gender Research Journey, Madeline E. Heilman. Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion: My Personal and Academic Path, Sonia K. Kang. Motivating and Enabling Gender Balance, Zoe Kinias. Reflections on the Study of Gender and Diversity: An Appeal for Objectivity Over Ideology, Lisa M. Leslie. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? My Journey as a “Pracademic”, Isabel Metz. Researching and Writing What Matters Most, Stella M. Nkomo. Gender Demographics and Organizations: An Ongoing (and Possibly Unending) Research Agenda, Pam Tolbert. About the Editors.