Identity and Second Language Learning

Culture, Inquiry, and Dialogic Activity in Educational Contexts

Edited by:
Miguel Mantero, The University of Alabama

A volume in the series: Contemporary Language Education. Editor(s): Terry Osborn, University of South Florida.

Published 2006

This collection of research has attempted to capture the essence and promise embodied in the concept of “identity” and built a bridge to the realm of second language studies. However, the reader will notice that we did not build just one link. This volume brings to light the diversity of research in identity and second language studies that are grounded the notions of community, instructors and students, language immersion and study abroad, pop culture and music, religion, code switching, and media. The chapters reflect the efforts of contributors from Canada, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States who performed their research in the countries just mentioned and in other regions around the world. Because of this, this volume truly offers an international perspective.

Series Preface. Foreword. Introduction. Toward Ecological Pedagogy in Language Education, Miguel Mantero. The Pragmatics of Discourse, Said Shiyab. Identity Puzzles: Am I a Course Instructor or a Nonnative Speaker? Xuemei Li. The Alchemy of Identity: The Role of White Racial Identity in the Teaching and Pedagogy of New ESOL Teachers, Tonda Liggett. Popular Education and Language Rights in Indigenous Mayan Communities: Emergence of New Social Actors and Gendered Voices, Karen Ogulnick. Discourse Encounters through Experiences at School: The Notion of Italianità Meets the Construction of La Francité, Julie Byrd Clark. Learning English, Positioning for Power: Adult Immigrants in the ESL Classroom, Elizabeth R. Miller. Start with a Good Idea and Give It a World: Preparing Young People to be Lifelong Language Learners and Users, Tove I. Dahl, Donna Clementi, Garrett R. Heysel, and Allison J. Spenader. Hegemony, Identity, and Authorship in Multimodal Discourse, Mark Evan Nelson and David Malinowski. Cultural Learning Outcomes and Summer Study Abroad, Heather Willis Allen, Veronica Dristas, and Nicole Mills. The Chasm Widens: The Trouble With Personal Identity in Singapore Writing, Peter I. De Costa. On the Structure and Discourse Usage of Spanglish: A Language That Defines an Identity, Amy Beth Rell and Jason Rothman. Going Home to Okinawa: Perspectives of Heritage Language Speakers Studying in the Ancestral Homeland, Katsuyuki Miyahira and Peter R. Petrucci. Language and Identity: Entertainers in South Korean Pop Culture, Jamie Shinhee Lee. Investigating the Influences on the Teaching Identity of International Teaching Assistants, Gwendolyn Williams. Construction or Imposition of National Identities in Foreign Policy Editorials? Élisabeth Le. “Pour connecter avec le peeps”: Québéquicité and the Quebec Hip-Hop Community, Mela Sarkar, Bronwen Low, and Lise Winer. Future Perspectives and Research on Identity in Educational Contexts, Miguel Mantero. About the Contributors. Index.

"...this volume will serve a useful purpose. Researchers and educators looking for a specific, up to date article regarding language learning and identity can use this book selectively to fill that need." Holly Hansen-Thomas in Education Review