Managing Trust in Strategic Alliances

Edited by:
T. K. Das, City University of New York

A volume in the series: Research in Strategic Alliances. Editor(s): T. K. Das, City University of New York.

Published 2018

Managing Trust in Strategic Alliances is a volume in the book series Research in Strategic Alliances that focuses on providing a robust and comprehensive forum for new scholarship in the field of strategic alliances. In particular, the books in the series cover new views of interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks and models, significant practical problems of alliance organization and management, and emerging areas of inquiry. The series also includes comprehensive empirical studies of selected segments of business, economic, industrial, government, and non-profit activities with wide prevalence of strategic alliances. Through the ongoing release of focused topical titles, this book series seeks to disseminate theoretical insights and practical management information that should enable interested professionals to gain a rigorous and comprehensive understanding of the field of strategic alliances.

Managing Trust in Strategic Alliances contains contributions by leading scholars in the field of strategic alliance research. The 10 chapters in this volume deal with significant issues relating to the management of trust in strategic alliances. These issues include the role of trust in value creation and appropriation, the dialectics of trust, control, and risk in multilateral R&D alliances, protecting trustworthiness in open and closed alliance networks, balancing trust and distrust, trust and cost disclosure, trust and control, foreign partner’s trust in international strategic alliances, a multilevel approach to trust, trust in service supply networks, and trust-building in public-private strategic alliances. The chapters contain empirical as well as conceptual treatments of the selected topics, and collectively present a wide-ranging review of the noteworthy research perspectives on managing trust in strategic alliances.

Foreword to the Series. About the Series. The Role of Trust in Value Creation and Value Appropriation in Strategic Alliances, Maryem Cherni and Valerie Leroux. Trust, Control, and Risk in Multilateral R&D Alliances: A Dynamic and Dialectic Perspective, Gunnar Holmberg and Nicolette Lakemond. Protecting Trustworthiness in Strategic Alliances: Open Versus Closed Alliance Networks to Prevent Organizational Disruptions, Jungwon Min. Balancing Trust and Distrust in Strategic Alliances, Angelos Kostis and Malin H. Näsholm. The Paradox of Trust: Managing Trust and Cost Disclosure in Alliances, Sof Thrane, Thomas Bautrup, and Henrik Juul Nielsen. Trust and Control in Strategic Alliances: An Instrumental Perspective, Jeltje van der Meer-Kooistra and Ed Vosselman. Key Antecedents of Foreign Partner’s Trust in International Strategic Alliances and the Impact of Trust on ISA Performance, Nikolaos Sklavounos, Konstantinos Rotsios, and Yannis Hajidimitriou. Does it Matter Who Trusts? A Multilevel Approach to Trust in an Alliance, Anna R. S. Swärd and Randi Lunnan. Agent Signals of Trust in the Service Supply Network, Keenan D. Yoho and Robert C. Ford. Managing Trust-Building in Public–Private Strategic Alliances, Anne H. Gausdal. About the Contributors. Index.