Mastering Anti-Corruption

The Practitioners' View

Edited by:
Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Wolfgang Amann, HEC Paris

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives in Corporate Social Performance and Policy. Editor(s): Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch, Canadian University Dubai.

Published 2019

The book Mastering anti-corruption - The practitioners' view is aimed at presenting different ways and modes of mastering anti-corruption in selected countries. By showing examples and cases the authors of particular chapters would like to emphasize the necessity of implementing solutions that will help to prevent corruption at all or at least will diminish its negative effects on business and human beings.

The book is divided into four parts: “Introduction”, “Anti-Corruption as a Topic in Practice - national and international perspective”, “Anti-Corruption as a Topic in Practice - organizational perspective” and “Anti- Corruption as a Topic in Practice - ethical perspective”. Authors of this book presented a wide range of issues and topics covering the problem of preventing and fighting the corruption around the world. Hopefully the cases will constitute a good practice for countries and nations facing the problem of corruption and will be an inspiration for further research as well as practical applications in this area.

INTRODUCTION. Corruption and Integrity in Business and Academia. Perception and Experience, Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch, Wolfgang Amann. PART II: ANTI-CORRUPTION AS A TOPIC IN PRACTICE - NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE. Compliance and Anticorruption in International Companies – Reflections on Challenges and Changes, Matthias Kleinhempel. From Government System to a Responsible Governance System: Italian Public Sector Corruption and Natural Disasters and the L’Aquila Earthquake, Paolo Esposito, Manuela Brusoni, and Elio Borgonovi. The National Anti-Corruption Initiatives in the Context of International Norms: Case Study of Emerging and Advanced Economies, Peter Yeoh. Public Integrity in Italy: Creating a Public Management Framework, Paolo Esposito, Manuela Brusoni, and Elio Borgonovi. PART III: ANTI-CORRUPTION AS A TOPIC IN PRACTICE - ORGANIZATIONAL PERSPECTIVE. Voluntary Turnover as Organizational Misbehavior – The Case of IT Employees in the IT Sector, Limor Kessler Ladelsky. Citizen Pressure: The Importance of Servant Leadership and Perceived Organizational Support to Safeguard Against Negative Workplace Behaviors and Organizational Corruption, Sharon E. Norris. Responsible Leadership and Anti-Corruption: A Study of Taiwan Sinyi Real Estate, Li-Hwa Hung. PART IIII: ANTI-CORRUPTION AS A TOPIC IN PRACTICE - ETHICAL PERSPECTIVE. Using Creating Shared Value Strategies as a Tool for Controlling Corruption, Philip M. Nichols. Is Corruption a Problem of Poverty, Ethics or Culture? Nina Chala and Oksana Poplavska. Speed – the Culprit of Unethical Behavior? Corinne Jenni and Alfred Lewis.