Podcasting for Teachers

Using a New Technology to Revolutionize Teaching and Learning

Kathleen P. King, University of Central Florida
Mark Gura, Fordham University

A volume in the series: Emerging Technologies for Evolving Learners. Editor(s): Kathleen P. King, University of Central Florida. Mark Gura, Fordham University.

Published 2007

Podcasting for Teachers is the first volume of a new series from Dr. Kathleen P. King and Mark Gura- Emerging Technologies for Evolving Learners and is based on their successful educational technology podcast, Podcast for Teachers, Techpod (sm). Their podcast work has reached over 600,000 people as of 9/06 and branched into virtual seminars, and additional innovations.

This book introduces and explains this important new technology from the perspective of educators. It also provides new insights into the ways that technology can provide solutions to instructional needs that have not been sufficiently addressed until now. Not only does it provide concrete explanations, examples, models, and details about methods and resources that are not currently illustrated in other publications, but it also reveals a new rationale for the use of technology in education.

K – 12 school district directors of curriculum and instruction and directors of professional development, as well as classroom teachers, principals, and instructional supervisors across the core curriculum and in the area of Instructional Technology; and teacher educators and other college faculty will find this book a valuable resource. Readers may use the book as part of their own efforts to expand their teaching or staff development practice. It can also be an important resource for Education courses in content instruction and Instructional Technology and serve as a valuable reference for educators interested in educational applications of technology.

Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Preface. PART I. A Revolution in Our Pockets. From the Front Lines: Drafting New Technologies to Revolutionize Education. What’s this Podcasting Revolution All About? From Pop Culture to Killer Application for Education. PART II. Podcasting 'How To' Basics: THE PFT Model of Podcasting. Podcasting Cost/Benefit Decisions. Demystifying Podcast “Tech Talk”. Talking to the World: Podcast Format Possibilities. The World is Listening: Finding and Keeping Your Podcast Audience. Part III Becoming a Podcasting Educator. The Educator’s Learning Curve in Podcasting Mastery. How to Create Podcasts as Teaching Resources. How to Set Up the Classroom for Podcasting. Who’s Using Podcasting Technology in Education? How to Plan Podcasting-based Activities for Students. Curricular Connections: Podcasting for Teaching and Learning. Podcasting for Professional Development. Beyond Coursecasting: Using Podcasting to Expand Learning Experiences. Resources. Key Terms. References. Index.

"I feel that this book is a useful and insightful resource for teachers who expect to learn a new technology for educational use, a good guidance for teachers who seek for materials and resources for their professional development, and a nice introduction resource for teacher educators and other parishioners who tend to design professional development activities for teachers." Jing Fu Michigan State University

"Podcasting for Teachers is an amazing encyclopedia of information on podcasting. It includes information appropriate for everyone from technical novices to podcasting experts. Because of its encyclopedic nature, it is not necessarily a book that should be read start to finish, cover to cover. Rather, the experience level of the reader will determine what sections are read and which are skipped; which are important and which are not. In that sense, the book is a good overall guide. Novices who read it to learn how to develop a simple podcast may find themselves returning to it later to learn more advanced techniques. It is a book to which one can refer again and again." STEVEN W. SCHMIDT East Carolina University in New Horizons