Kathleen P. King

University of Central Florida


Dr. Kathleen P. King, EdD is an author, researcher and CEO of Transformation Education. Her career as a professor, administrator and researcher has spanned three decades and multiple universities. Dr. King has published more than 30 books and 175 published articles and research papers. Kathy's major areas of expertise include transformative learning, leadership, diversity, international education, faculty development, instructional technology, and distance learning.

The International Continuing and Adult Education Hall of Fame recognized Dr. King's outstanding contributions to adult and higher education with her 2011 induction. In 2013, she was also awarded a Visiting Professorship by Nankai University, Tainjin, People's Republic of China.

Examples of recently authored books by Dr. King include 147 Tips for Emerging Scholars (with Cranston-Gingras, 2014); 21st Century Adult Learning in Our Complex World (2012 with Boden McGill), The Professor's Guide to Taming Technology (2011), Handbook of Evolving Research in Transformative Learning (10th anniv. ed.) (2009); Global Models of Human Performance) (2009, with Wang); and Podcasting for Teaching (2nd ed) (2009, with Gura).

In addition to receiving numerous academic and professional awards in higher education, she has several book awards. In 2018, her book, "Technology Innovation in Adult Learning," earned the Textbook Excellence award from Textbook and Academic Authors.

In 2007, co-edited book about distance education, "Harnessing Innovative Technologies in Higher Education," received both the AERA Outstanding Book Award in 2009 and the Philip E. Frandson Award for Literature from the University Professional and Continuing Education Association. Dr. King received the NYACCE Service Award for her "Empowering Women through Literacy" co-edited book and journal editorship in 2009, and the Lawrence Levin Professional Award from NYACCE in 2006.

She is also a popular keynote and conference speaker, mentor, and professor. Dr King is widely recognized for her research, service, and contribution to education by other professional groups as AERA, POD, NYACCE and UCEA.

As an innovator, dedicated educator, and lifelong learner, Dr. King and her collaborators have reached over 7 million learners through mobile and distance technologies. She has developed several podcast and videocast series, online learning platforms and innovative instructional models.

Dr. King earned her Ed.D. and M.Ed. from Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania. She also earned a M.A. from Columbia International, Columbia, SC and a B.A. from Brown University, Providence, RI.

Kathy is a native of Rhode Island, but has lived across the Northeast in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and Tennessee. She lived in the metropolitan New York City area for 13 years while teaching at Fordham University. Dr. King relocated to Florida to join the University of South, Tampa. faculty 2010-2015, and University of Central Florida, Orlando, 2015-2021. She enjoys coaching faculty and students and writing. Dr. King is a techie that's passionate about all things transformative, multicultural, and innovative. She travels nationally and internationally, and enjoys golfing and swimming.

Her specialties include:
* Keynote speaker, * presenter, * faculty development, *leadership, *diversity, * mentoring/coaching of educational professionals, * instructional technology, * adult learning, * transformative learning, * distance learning, * instructional design, * author and editing services, * new media development

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