Snapshots of School Leadership in the 21st Century

Perils and Promises of Leading for Social Justice, School Improvement, and Democratic Community

Edited by:
Michele A. Acker-Hocevar, Washington State University
Julia Ballenger, Ph.D., Texas Wesleyan University
A. William Place, University of Dayton
Gary Ivory Ed.D., New Mexico State University

A volume in the series: UCEA Leadership Series. Editor(s): Mónica Byrne-Jiménez. Michael O'Malley, Texas State University.

Published 2012

In the book, we provide snapshots describing this critically important time in our nation when federal educational policy implementation has been at a level previously unheard of in the United States. We present a chapter on the design and method of Voices 3, eight chapters on analyses of the focus-group discussions, and two invited chapters that provide a review and critique of our work. The chapters will be excellent resources for professors of educational leadership as we respond to the changing environment and improve preparation programs for superintendents and principals. We also see the book as a good resource for practitioners who desire to take the pulse of their colleagues in the field to see common concerns across various issues. Finally, it will be useful to policy makers as they consider the impact of their decisions on the implementation phases in districts and schools. With this book, you are receiving access to the 27 focus-group transcripts on which the chapters are based. Instructors of qualitative research may find these data useful in their classes, e.g., for students to practice different types of data analysis and coding.

Preface, Gary Ivory, Will Place and Michele Acker-Hocevar. Chapter 1: Voices from the Field, Phase 3: Design and Method, Gary Ivory, Will Place and Michele Acker-Hocevar. Chapter 2: No Child Left Behind as School Reform: Intended and Unintended Consequences, Kristin Kew, Gary Ivory, Miriam Muñiz and Fernando Quiz. Chapter 3: Growth and Development of Children, William Rupp and Sharon Gieselmann. Chapter 4: School Superintendents and Principals Meeting the Academic Needs of All Learners, Elizabeth Murakami-Ramalho and Mariela A. Rodríguez. Chapter 5: Leadership Practices and Processes That Impact Personnel, Professional Development, and Teacher Professionalism and Influence School Improvement, Betty J. Alford and Julia Ballenger. Chapter 6: Assessment, Sally Hipp and Jacquelyn Melin. Chapter 7: Decision-Making Processes, Giving Voice, Listening, and Involvement, Debra Touchton, Rosemarye Taylor, and Michele Acker-Hocevar. Chapter 8: School and District Relationships, Thomas A. Kersten and Julia Ballenger. Chapter 9: Pressure of Outside Forces, Stress, and Finding Balance, Thomas L. Alsbury and Kathryn S. Whitaker. Chapter 10: Social Justice in Middle Passage: The Voyage from Frustrations to Hopes, Ira E. Bogotch. Chapter 11: The Askers and the Tellers: Larger Messages from the Voices 3 Project, Tony Townsend.