Standards in Education

Edited by:
Dennis M. McInerney, The Education University of Hong Kong
Shawn Van Etten, SUNY Cortland
Martin Dowson, Australian College of Ministries

A volume in the series: Research on Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning. Editor(s): Gregory Arief D. Liem, The Education University of Hong Kong.

Published 2007

Education institutions and organizations throughout the world are currently being held accountable for achieving and maintaining historically unmatched standards of academic quality and performance. Accreditation bodies; policy makers; boards of trustees; and teacher, parent, and student groups all place educational institutions and organizations under unprecedented accountability pressures. The aim of this volume is to explore and better understand how these pressures are impacting a broad range of social and cultural issues and, subsequently, how these issues impact student motivation and learning.

PART I: Standards: Teaching Practice and Teacher Behavior. The State of Play in Standards and Standards Reform, Martin Dowson, Dennis M McInerney, and Shawn Van Etten. Teacher Risk Taking Changes in the Context of School Reform: A Sociocultural and Cognitive Motivational Perspective, Thomas G. Reio, Jr. and Sue Lasky. Bridging Across the Mile-Wide and Mile-Deep Chasm: Living and Coping with Standards-Based Reform in Science Education, Junlei Li. Educational Effectiveness: The Importance of Evidence-Based Teaching Practices for the Provision of Quality Teaching and Learning Standards, Kenneth J. Rowe. Towards a Theory of Practice: Critical Transdisciplinary Multiliteracies, James Albright, Christopher S. Walsh, and Kiran D. Purohit. PART II: Standards: Student Motivation and Engagement. Identification with Academics, Stereotype Threat, and Motivation to Achieve in School, Jason W. Osborne, J. Thomas Kellow, and Brett D. Jones. The Effects of ICT Standards on Educational Motivation and Learning: The Australian Experience, Juhani E. Tuovinen. National Education in Singapore Schools: Challenges of Engagement and Motivation, Giok Ling Ooi. Motivation in the Context of Project Work: The Self-Determination Perspective, Woon Chia Liu, Oon Seng Tan, C. K. John Wang, Caroline Koh, and Jessie Ee. PART III: Standards: Specific Educational Activities and Environments. Professional Preparation Standards for the Practicum, Catherine Sinclair. Standards in Higher Education Distance Learning Environments: A Sociocultural Perspective, Martin Dowson, Stuart Devenish, and Julie Passmore. Designing Educational Web Pages: The Standards for Activist Online Communications, Gulsun Kurubacak and Eyup Irgat. Standards for Quantitative Research in Diverse Sociocultural Contexts, Phillip Parker, Martin Dowson, and Dennis McInerney. The Contribution of Home Background to Student Inequality in Secondary Schools in Norway, Lihong Huang. About the Contributors.