Stories From Berea College

Opportunities of Attending a Work College

Edited by:
Nicholas D. Hartlep, Berea College
Breyden V. Stanton, Berea College

Published 2022

Stories From Berea College: Opportunities of Attending a Work College was born during the Omicron surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is uncertain what the pandemic will hold, one thing is for certain; this book will stand the test of time. Work Colleges do not receive the scholarly attention they ought to, and the student authors would like to think they fought for a little more attention by writing this book. Work Colleges are indeed institutions of higher learning where students earn while they learn but also learn through hard work. This book is comprised of chapters written by students who discuss the magic Berea College holds for personal growth, opportunity, and life-changing experiences.

Preface, Nicholas D. Hartlep. Freshman Year, Aaron G. Teegarden. Opportunistic Future in the Wake of Uncertainty, Michayla R. Dickerson. Labor as a Way to be Ready for the Future, and What Is “Berea Bubble”, Rinat R. Nailev. Labor Experience, Katlyn E. Sharp. What’s a “Non-Trad” and Are They Dangerous? Jared D. Sipple. The Ease and Flow of a Work College, Zechariah B. Williams. Flaws, Bradley K. Bussell. My Three Jobs at Berea, Emily G. Mach. Local Berea College Student, Madison M. McIntosh. Life at Berea, Megan A. Gonterman. My Journey to Berea, at Berea, and After, Rainiela Ortiz Veras. Attending Berea College as a Student-Athlete, Jayden A. Trawick-Junta. Crafting Excellence Through Trauma, Logan R. Robinson. “Berea Busy”, Breyden V. Stanton. Berea Bustling, Maria E. Elkins. The Unique Opportunities Berea College Gives You, Emalee J. Baker. The Guilt of a Mexican Daughter in College, Hannia J. Amaro-Zambrano. The Berea Life, Alexandra Castro Diaz. A Transfer Student’s Perspective on Berea College, Nicholas J. Lewand. About the Editors. About the Contributors.