The Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership

The Power of a Networked Improvement Community to Transform Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation

Edited by:
W. Gary Martin, Auburn University
Brian R. Lawler, Kennesaw State University
Alyson E. Lischka, Middle Tennessee State University
Wendy M. Smith, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

A volume in the series: The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) Professional Book Series. Editor(s): Babette M. Benken, California State University, Long Beach.

Published 2020

This book provides an overview of a body of work conducted over the past seven years related to the preparation of secondary mathematics teachers by the Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (MTE-Partnership), a national consortium of more than 90 universities and 100 school systems. The MTE-Partnership is organized as a Networked Improvement Community (NIC), which combines the disciplined inquiry of improvement science with the power of networking to accelerate improvement by engaging a broad set of participants. The MTE-Partnership is addressing key challenges in secondary mathematics teacher preparation, including:

• Supporting the development of content knowledge relevant to teaching secondary mathematics;

• Providing effective clinical experiences to teacher candidates;

• Recruiting secondary mathematics teacher candidates, ensuring program completion and their subsequent retention in the field as early career teachers;

• Supporting overall transformation of secondary mathematics teacher preparation in alignment with these challenges;

• Ensuring a focus on equity and social justice in secondary mathematics teacher recruitment, preparation, and induction.

This book outlines existing knowledge related to each of these key challenges, as well as the work of Research Action Clusters (RACs) formed to address the challenges. Each RAC includes participants from multiple institutions who work collaboratively to iteratively develop, test, and refine processes and products that can help programs more effectively prepare secondary mathematics teacher candidates. The book describes promising approaches to improving aspects of secondary mathematics teacher preparation developed by the RACs, including specific products that have been developed, which will inform the work of others involved in secondary mathematics teacher preparation. In addition, reflections on the use of the NIC model provides insights for others considering this research design. Particular references to the Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics (Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, 2017) are included throughout the book.

Foreword, Mike Steele. Preface. SECTION I: IMPROVING THE PREPARATION OF SECONDARY MATHEMATICS TEACHERS. Overview of the Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership, W. Gary Martin and Howard Gobstein. Transforming Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation Programs, W. Gary Martin, Wendy M. Smith, and Margaret J. Mohr-Schroeder. Equity and Justice in the Preparation of Secondary Mathematics Teachers, Lorraine M. Males, Ruthmae Sears, and Brian R. Lawler. SECTION II: OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN MATHEMATICS. Mathematical Preparation of Secondary Mathematics Teacher Candidates, Robert N. Ronau, David C. Webb, Susan A. Peters, Margaret J. Mohr-Schroeder, and Eric Stade. Developing Mathematical Knowledge in and for Teaching in Content Courses, Alyson E. Lischka, Yvonne Lai, Jeremy F. Strayer, and Cynthia O. Anhalt. Improving Freshman-Level Mathematics Courses Via Active Learning Mathematics Strategies, Wendy M. Smith, Kadian M. Callahan, Tabitha Mingus, and Angie Hodge. SECTION III: OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN MATHEMATICS. Clinical Experiences for Secondary Mathematics Teacher Candidates, Marilyn E. Strutchens, David Erickson, Ruthmae Sears, and Jeremy Zelkowski. Improving Clinical Experiences for Secondary Mathematics Teacher Candidates, Marilyn E. Strutchens, Ruthmae Sears, and Jeremy Zelkowski. Engaging Mentor Teachers With Teacher Candidates During Methods Courses in Clinical Settings, Jeremy Zelkowski, Jan Yow, Mark Ellis and Patrice Waller. Using Co-planning and Co-teaching Strategies to Transform Secondary Mathematics Clinical Experiences, Maureen Grady, Ruthmae Sears, Jamalee (Jami) Stone, and Stephanie Biagetti. Fostering Collaborative and Reflective Teacher Candidates Through Paired Placement Student Teaching Experiences, Marilyn E. Strutchens, Jennifer Whitfield, David Erickson, and Basil Conway. Focus on Improving Clinical Experiences in Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation, Charmaine Mangram, Pier A. Junor Clarke, Patrice Waller, Ruby L. Ellis, and Cynthia Castro-Minnehan. SECTION IV: OPPORTUNITIES FOR RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION. Recruitment and Retention in Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation, Ed Dickey, Dana Pomykal Franz, Maria L. Fernandez, and Beth Oliver. Marketing Strategies for Attracting Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers, Maria L. Fernandez. Supporting Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation Program Recruitment and Retention Efforts, Julie McNamara, Dana Pomykal Franz, and Maria L. Fernandez. Retaining Beginning Secondary Mathematics Teachers through Induction and Leadership Support, Lisa Amick, James Martinez, Megan W. Taylor, and Frederick Uy. SECTION V: THE POWER OF A NETWORKED IMPROVEMENT COMMUNITY. Looking Back to Look Ahead: Transforming Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation, W. Gary Martin, Alyson E. Lischka, Wendy M. Smith, and Brian R. Lawler. Reflections on the MTE-Partnership: The Power of Networked Improvement Communities to Solve Complex Problems of Practice, Jennifer Lin Russell. Reflections on the MTE-Partnership: The Power of Networked Improvement Communities to Support Transformational Change, Paul LeMahieu, and Wendy M. Smith. Biographies.