The Matter of Practice

Exploring New Materialisms in the Research and Teaching of Languages and Literacies

Edited by:
Curt Porter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Rachel Griffo, Community College of Allegheny County

A volume in the series: Research in Second Language Learning. Editor(s): Bogum Yoon, State University of New York at Binghamton.

Published 2021

The Matter of Practice presents work by teacher-scholars from around the world who are rethinking the relationship between matter and meaning. By emphasizing spatial, bodily, and sensual dimensions of language and literacy practices, this volume offers a portrait of language pedagogy and research that challenges traditional barriers between subjects and objects, speech and noise, and languages and things. We envision the term ‘new materialisms’ as an invitation to locate theorizing, researching, and teaching practices within the rhythms and textures of our material, sensory, and perceptual lives. These chapters enact a hope that increased engagement with our physical surroundings and sensory experiences can extend the sphere of our social, creative, and intellectual labor and expand our understanding of what ‘counts’ as meaningful action.

Preface: Work in the New Materialisms, Curt Porter. PART I: THE RECREATION OF MATTER AND MEANING IN LANGUAGE, WRITING, AND RESEARCH. In Defense of Founding Gestures, Curt Porter. Encountering Difference Through Empathy and Translingualism, Julia Kiernan and Eric Leake. Observant Participation and Representation in New Materialist Research, Kelleen Toohey. Alignment and Apparatus: The Second Language Syllabus as Boundary Setting Practice, Jack Peterson. An Occasion for “Working the Little Picture”: Situated Action Research and the Materialities of Emergent Practice, Stacey Pigg. Behind the Academic Mask: Understanding Classroom Emotions Through Dialogic Journaling, Catherine Gallagher, Stewart Gray, and Roxy Lee. Rereading Multiple Literacies Theory Through the Lens of Eastern Philosophy, Yi Izzy Yu. PART II: THE CRAFTING OF BODIES, ARTS, AND SENSATIONS. (Re)Making the Past/Present/Future: Experiencing the Picturebook Making of Duncan Tonatiuh and Yuyi Morales, Angie Zapata and Candace R. Kuby. A Pedagogy of Trans-orality: Reflections on the Development of Embodied EFL Pronunciation Possibilities From a Korean Adoptee Perspective, Amy Mihyang Ginther. Performativity in Motion: Rethinking Argumentation in Composition Pedagogy, Brent Lucia. Falling Into Holes and Other Pleasures of Object-Based Learning, Georgina Valverde. Music Lessons for Writers: Practice, Performance, and the Development of Voice in Writing, Daniel J. Weinstein. Thinking With/Through New Materialist Concepts in the TESOL Teacher-Training Classroom, Mark Love. About the Editors. About the Contributors.