Training Higher Education Policy Makers and Leaders

A Graduate Program Perspective

Edited by:
Diane Wright, Florida Atlantic University
Michael T. Miller, University of Arkansas

A volume in the series: Educational Policy in the 21st Century: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions. Editor(s): Bruce Anthony Jones, University of Houston.

Published 2007

Higher Education is a vibrant, changing field of study. With roots in multiple disciplines, these degree programs prepare the administrators, faculty, and policy makers who direct the current and future higher education enterprise. At a time when higher education is changing rapidly, these programs are poised to frame the future of an educated society. This book examines all aspects of how Higher Education programs operate - from their marketing, focus on student affairs and community colleges, the emergence of online programs and core curricula. Authors from a broad and diverse spectrum of institutions map the current setting of Higher Education programs with an eye on future directions for their livelihood and survival.

Introduction, Bruce A. Jones. Reflections on Making the Case for Leadership Education in Higher Education, Stephen G. Katsinas. Progress in the Development of Higher Education as a Specialized Field of Study, Dianne Wright. The Current Status of Higher Education Programs: Findings and Implications, Michael S. Harris. Student Affairs Programs, Jennifer M. Miles. Community College Programs: Growth and Development Since the Kellogg Era, Marilyn Amey. Cohort Graduate Programs: Fostering Communities of Learners in the 21st Century, Brian Bourke. Online Higher Education Programs: New Challenges, New Frontiers, New Learning and New Scholarship, Nataliya V. Ivankova and Sheldon L. Stick. Exemplary Higher Education Graduate Programs: Revisited After 25 Years, Marybelle C. Keim. Core Curricula for American Higher Education Programs, Nathaniel J. Bray. The Use of Graduate Certificates in the Training of Higher Education Policy Makers and Leaders, Ashley Tull. Role of the Dissertation, Darla Twale. The Purpose of the Qualitative Dissertation in Higher Education Graduate Programs, Lee S. Duemer. A Framework for Understanding Assessment of Student Learning in Higher Education Graduate Programs, Ibrahima Poda. Technology in Higher Education Graduate Programs: Toward Utility and Opportunity, William Brescia and Michael T. Miller. Marketing Higher Education Graduate Programs: Strategic Initiatives or Dumb Luck?, Daniel P. Nadler and Michael T. Miller. Future Directions for Higher Education and Public Policy Programs, Dianne Wright.

"The editors have assembled a great resource for directors and faculty members on issues impacting higher education programs. The authors also identify several areas that require further research - for example, what knowledge base should be taught in core courses, evaluating programs with a focus on learning outcomes, and continued evaluation of alternative program delivery modes. Once these authors' perspectives are considered, directors and faculty members will have greater opportunities to develop these programs." Karen Aldred Card University of South Dakota in The Review of Higher Education