Journal of Character Education

Vol. 12 #1

Edited by:
Jacques S. Benninga, California State University, Fresno
Marvin W Berkowitz, University of Missouri - St. Louis

A volume in the series: Journal of Character Education. Editor(s): Marvin W Berkowitz, University of Missouri - St. Louis. Jonathan M. Tirrell, Tufts University.

Published 2016

The Journal of Character Education is the only professional journal in education devoted to character education. It is designed to cover the field—from the latest research to applied best practices. We include original research reports, editorials and conceptual articles by the best minds in our field, reviews of latest books, ideas and examples of the integration with character education of socio‐emotional learning and other relevant strategies, and manuscripts by educators that describe best practices in teaching and learning related to character education.

The Journal of Character Education has for over a decade been the sole scholarly journal focused on research, theory, measurement, and practice of character education. This issue includes four empirical articles, a practitioner’s voice, and a book review. Topics covered in this issue include different approaches to character education in the classroom (e.g., using literature, narrative writing), how teachers promote character education, and how coaches may promote character development.


Editors’ Introduction, Heather Cazad, Jacques Benninga, and Marvin Berkowitz

Meeting Common Core English Language Arts and English Language Development Standards With Character Education Lesson Plans in Alternative Education Grades 9 Through 12. Joseph M. Hoedel and Robert E. Lee.

Roles High School Principals Play in Establishing a Successful Character Education Initiative, Jacob A. Francom

Revitalizing Math Learning in America: The Ways Character Strengths Support K‐8 Mathematics and The Common Core State Standards, Melinda C. Bier, Stephen A. Sherblom, Marvin W. Berkowitz, and Bob Coulter

Integrating Common Core and Character Education: Why It Is Essential and How It Can Be Done, Kristin Fink and Karen Geller

Fostering Character Education in an Urban Early Childhood Setting, Carla Kokoszka and Juliette Smith

Restorative Practices: From Candy and Punishment to Celebrations and Problem‐Solving Circles, Patrice H. Goldys

Service Learning Creates a Positive Relationship Between Teachers and Students, Sandra Lubchenko

Character Education in the Inner City: Making it Real, Constance Bond

Our Roots Run Deep, Erin Steinkamp

Review of Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis (2015), by Robert Putnam, Christina Macias

Review of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All‐About‐Me World (2016), by Michele Borba, Jennifer Moradian Watson and Thomas Watson