Journal of Character Education

Volume 19 Number 1-2 2023

Edited by:
Marvin W Berkowitz, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Jonathan M. Tirrell, Tufts University

A volume in the series: Journal of Character Education. Editor(s): Marvin W Berkowitz, University of Missouri - St. Louis. Jonathan M. Tirrell, Tufts University.

Published 2023

The Journal of Character Education is the leading source of cutting-edge knowledge about character education research, theory, practice, and opinion. We define character education broadly to encompass all educational approaches designed to nurture students’ knowledge, motivation, skills, and behavior concerning all four aspects of character: moral, performance, civic, and intellectual. The Journal publishes manuscripts that report research relevant to character education, conceptual articles, and book reviews that provide theoretical, historical, and philosophical perspectives on the field of character education as it is broadly defined above. The Journal is also interested in practical articles about implementation and specific programs, and informed opinion statements.

Editors Preface, Marvin W Berkowitz and Jonathan M. Tirrell. Guest Editors’ Introduction: Character Development in and Through Youth Sport, Jennifer P. Agans and Andrea Vest Ettekal. EMPIRICAL ARTICLES: Leveraging Sport as a Context for Character Development: The Benefits for Coaches, Samantha Bates and Dawn Anderson-Butcher. It’s Not How Many Sports You Play, It’s How You Play the Game: An Exploration of Adolescent Character and Youth Sport, Jennifer P. Agans, Andrea Vest Ettekal, Theresa Melton, and Richard M. Lerner. The Role of Parents in Facilitating Their Children’s Life Skills Development, Helene Jørgensen, Colin J. Deal, and Nicholas L. Holt. A Comparison of Club Sport Athlete Moral Reasoning on the Field to Their Moral Reasoning in Daily Life Situations, Gail Orem, Skye G. Arthur-Banning, Margaret Domka, and Sarah Stokowski. Predictors of Purpose and Integrity Among Intercollegiate Athletes, David Light Shields and Christopher D. Funk. Predictors of Sportspersonship: Contingencies of Self-Esteem, Contesting Orientations, and Moral Disengagement, David Light Shields and Christopher D. Funk. PRACTITIONERS’ VOICES: Our Scoreboards Reveal Our Priorities, Theodore Wohlfarth and Satabdi Samtani. An Integrated Knowledge Translation Approach to Developing a Story-Based Positive Youth Development Program in Sport: The 1616 Program, Luc J. Martin, Karl Erickson, Jen Coletti, Kelsey Saizew, Cailie S. McGuire, Alex Maw, Chris Primeau, Meredith Wolff, Brandy Ladd, & Jean Côté PRIMED: An Innovative Program for Coaching for Character, Pete Paciorek.