A Second Helping of Gumbo for the Soul

More Liberating Stories and Memories to Inspire Females of Color

Edited by:
Michelle Trotman Scott, University of West Georgia
Nicole McZeal Walters, University of St. Thomas-Houston
Dr. Jemimah L. Young, University of North Texas
Donna Y. Ford, Ohio State University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Multicultural Gifted Education. Editor(s): Donna Y. Ford, Ohio State University. Malik S. Henfield, Loyola University Chicago.

Published 2020

A Second Helping of Gumbo for the Soul is a collection of essays, stories, and narratives designed to inspire and empower women of color through the use of storytelling and narratives. This second edition is a sequel to the first Gumbo for the Soul and includes more...

Personal Press of Perfectionism: Liberated from Victimization, Cynthia Alexander Mitchell. The Art of Letting Go, Haile Bennett. Hidden Figure No More: A Black Girl’s Journey Through STEM Education, Ansley A. Booker. Porch Steps, Robin Brandehoff. Young, Gifted, Black, and Harassed: Notes from a California Childhood, Lisa Bratton. Against the Odds: Building Efficacy and Shattering Threats, Kelly Bullock Daugherty. And Because of Them, I Can Fly, Janice A. Byrd. Short, Shy and Smart: Determined to Excel in a Desegregated Classroom, Theresa J. Canada. Strengthening My Core, Akilah R. Carter-Francique. From F.M.C. to PhD: The Journey of a Ride-or-Die Chick, Adrian Clifton. “You Sound Like a White Girl”: One Black Girl’s Experience in Accelerated Learner Spaces, Raven K. Cokley. The Legacy of Greatness, Alexandria Connally. Perseverance, Gwenetta Curry. The Definition of Blackness: Shared History and Experience of Injustice, Rebecca Oluwa Toyin Doherty. Puppy Love, Latasha Drax. Pregnant at 17 to Ph.D. Program: This Race is Not Given to the Swift nor to the Strong, Donna M. Druery. Dancing to the Beat of God’s Heart, Leslie Duroseau. Black Jelly Bean: Overcoming Insecurities and Perceptions by Finally Embracing and Living in My Truth, Stashia L. Emanuel. The Loss: Going Without Can Propel You Forward: (On Dealing with Loss and Rejection), Shandis English. Living Without Regret, Chiara D. Fuller. The Story of a Champion: Pain Always Has a Purpose, Renee L. Garraway. Once Upon a Reader: Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Rhoda Myra Garces-Bacsal. More Than a Statistic: The Journey from Teenage Parenthood to the Ivy League, Judith Gil. It is All GOOD in the NeighborHOOD: An Academic Journey of Learning to Embrace and Shine Through Adversities, Tyra Good. A Sob Story, Chasitie Goodman. Blood is Not Thicker Than Water, Pamela Grayson. April Showers to May Flowers, Jasmine M. Hamilton. When Life Gives You Lemons, Give Life Black Girl Magic: A Story of a Memphis Girl Overcoming Homelessness and Educational Inequity, Jamesha Hayes. Why Try to Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out: Navigating College as a Low-Income First Generation Student, Tiffany Hollis. Living Up to the Silver Spoon Expectation, Keena D. Howell. Finding Purpose, Javetta Jones Roberson. There’s a Bully in My Ph.d. Program: Defusing Imposter Syndrome Perpetuated by Others and Self, Tammy Lane. It Was Necessary: Positioning or Punishing, Tiffany Y. Lane. Birthing Pains: How I Became a Theatre Director, Sharrell D. Luckett. Black Berries, Sweet Juice: Erasing Colorism and Embracing Dark Beauty, Tamera Malone. Escaping the White Gaze, Courtney Mauldin. There’s Strength in My Struggle, Tonya McKoy. The Educated Immigrant: A Narrative, Marcelle Mentor. My Metamorphosis From Caterpillar to Butterfly, Karen J. Miller. The Mask Game, Kiana L. Peoples. From Colored to African American: Growing Up in the Segregated South, V. Marlene Prater. On the Road to Legacy: Daring to Dream, Erica Reid. From the Schoolhouse to the University and Back: Applying Lessons from My Mother to Empower Others, Consuela Robinson. Always Push Forward, Never Look Back, Cristina Rodriguez Chen. Lifeline to Success, Tia Scott. An African American’s Experience of the Talented-Gifted-STEM Roller Coaster, Ebony Shockley. Under Reconstruction, Ariel Smith. Don’t Let the Jump Suit Fool You: Inmate Mothers Reclaiming Power from the Inside, Teaching, Learning, and Parenting, Mattyna L. Stephens. Life After Death, Ruby J. Stevens-Morgan. A Meditation on Just Being Me, Valerie Taylor. Lost in Translation? Elsa Villarreal. Suzy Snowflake: The Tale of a Brown Girl Dancing, Rachelle D. Washington. The Valley Moment of Life: A Lesson in Resilience and Faith, Jillian Whatley. Biographies.