Contemporary Pioneers in Teaching and Learning

Edited by:
Héfer Bembenutty, Queens College of The City University of New York

A volume in the series: Contemporary Pioneers in Educational Psychology: Theory, Research, and Applications. Editor(s): Héfer Bembenutty, Queens College of The City University of New York.

Published 2015

This volume traces the socialization processes, professional development, career paths, and theories and research of contemporary pioneers in education and psychology. This volume contains interviews of leading scholars who are at the vanguard of teaching and learning. They shared how their childhood development influenced their theoretical paths and research endeavors and revealed their thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that made them who they are today. These scholars responded to questions pertaining to their childhood socialization, initial interest in education and psychology, role models, research interests and major findings, future direction of their research, educational implications derived from their research, and perception of their legacy. They are real people who have had experiences like anybody else, but who found homes and teachers who supported them. While in college, they found educators who mentored them.

Readers will find that this volume offers them an opportunity to learn the background of contemporary pioneers in education and psychology, provides helpful sources where they can learn about how major theories developed and where they are moving, and reveals the personal anecdotes that influenced the conceptualization of contemporary theories and research. Educators and students will find that this book provides hope and a rejuvenated enthusiasm about the status of education and psychology and that they too can be leaders in their own ways.

Dedication. Preface. Acknowledgment. An Interview with Dr. Robert J. Sternberg: The Pioneer of the Triarchic Theory of Successful Intelligence and Its Applications to Learning and Teaching. An Interview with Dr. Dale H. Schunk: The Scholar Who First Applied Self‐Efficacy to Education While Blending It With Self‐Regulation. An Interview with Dr. Bernard Weiner: The Pioneer of the Attribution Theory from a Motivation Perspective. An Interview with Dr. Stuart A. Karabenick: A Scholar With Wide Ranging Interests Who Significantly Contributed to Understanding the Role of Motivation and Self‐Regulated Learning. An Interview with Dr. Sandra Graham: The Scholar Whose Advocate for Social and Educational Transformation Has Changes the Understanding of Motivation and the Development of Attributional Processes. An Interview with Dr. Monique Boekaerts: A Pioneer of Motivation and Self‐regulation. An Interview with Dr. Barbara K. Hofer: A Leading Force in the Development of Epistemological Theories, Research, and Practices. An interview with Dr. Roger Azevedo: A Giant of Selfregulation of Learning with Computer‐Based Learning Environments. An Interview with Dr. Anastasia Kitsantas: A Passionate Self‐Regulated Scholar with Footprint across Diverse Disciplines. An Interview with Dr. Timothy J. Cleary: A Leading Proponent of Applied Self‐Regulated Learning Intervention Programs and Microanalytic Assessment Techniques. An Interview with Dr. Edward L. Deci and Dr. Richard M. Ryan: Two of the World’s Most Influential Theorists of Human Motivation and Creators of the Self‐Determination Theory. An Interview with Dr. Andrew J. Elliot: The Contemporary Leading Force in Motive of Achievement and Achievement Goals. An Interview with Dr. Reinhard Pekrun: The Internationally Leading Force of Emotion Research in Education and Psychology. An Interview with Dr. Julianne Turner: A Frontrunner in Putting Motivation Theory in the Classroom. An Interview with Dr. Dennis M. McInerney: Breaking New Grounds in Culture and Achievement Motivation. An Interview with Dr. Avi Kaplan: A Pioneer Making a Distinguished Scientific Contribution to Theoretical and Empirical Research on Motivation in Education. About the Author.