Controversial Issues in Social Studies Education in Turkey

The Contemporary Debates

Edited by:
Elvan Gunel, Anadolu University

A volume in the series: Research in Social Education. Editor(s): Brad M. Maguth, The University of Akron.

Published 2018

Controversial Issues in Social Studies Education in Turkey: The Contemporary Debates consists of different research each analyze a controversial topic that is significant to understand the social and political dynamics of Turkish society and culture.

One of the purpose of this volume is to analyze and discuss how various controversial issues are perceived by Turkish educators. It also provides insight about how to think and re-organize education both in Turkey and in a global world by taking perceptions of in-service and pre-service social studies teachers on controversial issues and how to teach about them in the Turkish context into consideration. Lastly, it may provide educators and researchers who are interested in teaching and examining such issues with a holistic view.

Introduction. Acknowledgments. PART I: GENDER ISSUES. Intersections of Globalization, Gender, and Culture in Social Studies, Mustafa Sever, Ayşe Soylu, and Ahmet Kaysili. Examining Gender Issues: Social Studies Curricula, Teacher Education Programs, and Perceptions’ of Preservice Social Studies Teachers, Ayşegül Pehlivan Yilmaz, Önder Eryilmaz, and Elvan Günel. The Complexity of Teaching Values in Social Studies Teacher Education in Turkey: A Gender Perspective, Tuba Çengelci Köse. PART II: CULTURAL AND POLITICAL ISSUES. Teaching Multicultural Perspectives in Social Studies: Dealing With Immigration and Migrants, Ayça Sesigur and Handan Deveci. Teaching About Being a Good Citizen, Government, and Human Rights in Social Studies, Mehmet Açikalin. An Examination of the Relationship Between the Ecological Values of Prospective Social Studies Teachers and Their Attitude Towards Turkey’s Nuclear Energy Policing, Nevin Özdemir and Alper Kesten. Digital Divide in Social Studies Education: Academician and Teacher Perspectives, Canan Çolak, Hıdır Karaduman, and Işıl Kabakçi Yurdakul. About the Editor. About the Contributors.

"...the book addresses important social science issues and presents a wealth of principles, concepts and methods for social science research into controversial issues of social science education in Turkey. The contributions provide a well-founded insight into the effects on civic education. The strength of the book lies in its methodological and content-related diversity. At the same time, the anthology offers cross-national insights into the treatment of controversial issues in social science education." Sina Aylin Demirhan Universität Hamburg in Journal of Social Science Education (Read full review)