Research on Global Citizenship Education in Asia

Conceptions, Perceptions, and Practice

Edited by:
Theresa Alviar-Martin, Kennesaw State University
Mark C. Baildon, National Institute of Education Singapore

A volume in the series: Research in Social Education. Editor(s): Brad M. Maguth, The University of Akron.

Published 2021

This edited book provides new research highlighting philosophical traditions, emerging perceptions, and the situated practice of global citizenship education (GCE) in Asian societies. The book includes chapters that provide: 1) conceptions and frameworks of GCE in Asian societies; 2) analyses of contexts, policies, and curricula that influence GCE reform efforts in Asia; and 3) studies of students’ and teachers’ experiences of GCE in schools in different Asian contexts.

While much citizenship education has focused on constructions and enactments of GCE in Western societies, this volume re-centers investigations of GCE amid Asian contexts, identities, and practices. In doing so, the contributors to this volume give voice to scholarship grounded in Asia, and the book provides a platform for sharing different approaches, strategies, and research across Asian societies. As nations grapple with how to prepare young citizens to face issues confronting our world, this book expands visions of how GCE might be conceptualized, contextualized, and taught; and how innovative curriculum initiatives and pedagogies can be developed and enacted.

Foreword, S. Gopinathan. Acknowledgments. SECTION I: CONCEPTIONS OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION RESEARCH IN ASIAN CONTEXTS. Introduction: Desettling Conceptions, Perceptions, and Practices in Global Citizenship Education, Theresa Alviar-Martin and Mark Baildon. Muslim Cosmopolitanisms and Education in Southeast Asia: Philosophies, Universalities, Polarities, and Opportunities, Eeqbal Hassim. Ideological Orientations and Pedagogization of Citizenship and Human Rights in China, Weihong Liang. SECTION II: RESEARCH ON POLICY AND CURRICULUM THAT SHAPE GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION IN ASIA. Global Citizenship and Universal Values of Hong Kong Educated Youth, Hei-hang Hayes Tang, Angel Oi Yee Cheng, and Kevin Chung-hin Ho. Integrating Gender Into Global Citizenship Education: Content Analysis of Global Citizenship Education Textbooks in South Korea, Hye Seung Cho. Classrooms, Controversies, and Insurgent Citizenship: The Teaching of Contentious Topics in Two Philippine Secondary Schools, Enrique Niño P. Leviste. Exploration of Teachers’ Teaching of Controversial Global Issues in Taiwan, Yu-Han Hung. Teachers as Instructional Gatekeepers Teaching Global Citizenship in Japan’s National Geography Curriculum, Kazuhiro Kusahara. Cultivating Cosmopolitan Dispositions Through Literature: Examples From Singapore Schools, Suzanne S. Choo. SECTION III: PREPARATION OF TEACHERS FOR GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION. From Global Competitiveness to Global Citizenship: The Case of South Korea’s GCED Lead Teacher Program, Soon-Yong Pak. Dialogues About Global Citizenship Education Across Asian Contexts, Mark Baildon and Theresa Alviar-Martin. About the Editors. About the Contributors.