Critique as Uncertainty

Ole Skovsmose

A volume in the series: The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast. Editor(s): Bharath Sriraman, University of Montana.

Published 2014

The title of the book is Critique as Uncertainty. Thus Ole Skovsmose sees uncertainty as an important feature of any critical approach. He does not assume the existence of any blue prints for social and political improvements, nor that certain theoretical structures can provide solid foundations for a critical activities. For him critique is an open and uncertain activity. This also applies to critical mathematics education.

Critique as Uncertainty includes papers Ole Skovsmose already has published as well as some newly written chapters. The book addresses issues about: landscapes of investigations, students’ foregrounds, mathematics education and democracy, mathematics and power. Finally it expresses concerns of a critical mathematics education.

Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART 1: WORKING WITH MATHEMATICS. Landscapes of Investigation. How to Drag With a Worn-Out Mouse? Searching for Social Justice Through Collaboration, Miriam Godoy Penteado and Ole Skovsmose. Project Work in Mathematics. Inquiry Gestures, Raquel Milani and Ole Skovsmose. PART 2: FOREGROUNDS AND POSSIBILITIES. Foregrounds and the Politics of Learning Obstacles. Justice, Foregrounds, and Possibilities. Researching Foregrounds: about Motives and Conditions for Learning, Denival Biotto Filho and Ole Skovsmose. Inclusion-Exclusion: An Explosive Problem, Renato Marcone and Ole Skovsmose. Researching Possibilities. PART 3: DEMOCRACY AS A CHALLENGE. Ghettoizing and Globalization: A Challenge for Mathematics Education, Linking Mathematics Education and Democracy: Citizenship, Mathematical Archaeology, Mathemacy, and Deliberative Interaction. Democratic Competence and Refl ective Knowing in Mathematics. Mathematics Education and Democracy. PART 4: MATHEMATICS AND POWER. Mathematics as Discourse. Symbolic Power, Robotting, and Surveilling. Can Facts Be Fabricated Through Mathematics? Mathematics as Part of Technology. Reflective Knowledge: Its Relation to the Mathematical Modeling Process. PART 5: CRITICAL MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Explosive Problems in Mathematics Education. Critique, Generativity, and Imagination. Beyond Postmodernity in Mathematics Education? Modernity, Aporism, and Mathematics Education. Aporism and Critical Mathematics Education. Mathematics Education Versus Critical Education. Name Index. Subject Index.