The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast

The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast-Monograph Series in Mathematics Educaton is an eclectic internationally established book series which focuses on the sociology of mathematics, mathematics education research, innovation, interdisciplinary and societal issues related to mathematics education. The monographs are published by Information Age Publishing and the Department of Mathematical Sciences- The University of Montana. The nine monographs that have been published since 2007 have covered a wide spectrum of issues with the hope of stimulating dialogue in the community of researchers, practitioners and students. The monograph series is interested in research based views as well as historical, philosophical, political, sociological, crosscultural and systems perspectives of mathematics education, teaching and learning. The monograph series is known in 110+ countries and its readers include students of mathematics, future and practicing teachers, mathematicians, cognitive psychologists, critical theorists, mathematics/science educators, historians and philosophers of mathematics and science as well as those who pursue mathematics recreationally. The monographs create a forum for argumentative and critical positions on mathematics education, and especially welcome themes which challenge commonly held assumptions about the nature and purpose of mathematics and mathematics education. Those interested in proposing a topic for a monograph or guest editing a monograph are invited to send in a detailed proposal to the Editor, Bharath Sriraman [sriramanb@mso.umt.edu]