Dispositions in Teacher Education

Edited by:
Mary Diez, Alverno College
James Raths, University of Delaware

A volume in the series: Advances in Teacher Education. Editor(s): Diane Yendol-Hoppey, University of North Florida. David T. Hoppey, University of North Florida. Jennifer L. Snow, Boise State University. Jennifer Jacobs, University of South Florida.

Published 2007

The topic of “dispositions” is central to teacher education and to teacher educators. Because of perhaps precipitous action on the part of accrediting agencies in teacher education, teacher educators need to define, teach, and assess dispositions in their programs. This book examines the sources of the concept dispositions, how it evolved in teacher education, what forms it has taken in selected programs, and what challenges remain in this arena for teacher educators.

An Overview of Dispositions in Teacher Education. What is a Disposition? Social-Cognitive Perspective in Dispositional Development. The Perceptual Approach to Teacher Dispositions: The Effective Teacher as an Effective Person. A Constructivist-Developmental Perspective. Teacher Dispositions in Context. A Formational Approach to Dispositions. Experiences with Dispositions in Teacher Education. Alternatively Certified Teachers’ Perceptions of Dispositions. Assessing Dispositions: Context and Questions. The Role of Coaching in Working with Dispositions. Dispositions as a Dialogue in Teacher Preparation.

"The strength of this book is the analysis of complex issues from multiple perspectives with authentic examples of practical application. The contributing authors have not come to consensus regarding definition, application, or assessment with dispositions; rather they consider various angles each developed with theoretical support. Therefore, this book can provide a foundation for a broad understanding of dispositions, be a useful tool for guiding discussion, and/or provide initial design for program development." Jan Carpenter George Fox University in Education Review (Read full review)