Emerging Perspectives on Managing Organizational Justice

Edited by:
Stephen W. Gilliland, University of Arizona
Dirk D. Steiner, Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Daniel P. Skarlicki, The University of British Columbia

A volume in the series: Research in Social Issues in Management. Editor(s): Eden B. King, Rice University. Quinetta M. Roberson, Michigan State University. Mikki R. Hebl, Rice University.

Published 2002

Preface, Dirk D. Steiner, Daniel P. Skarlicki, and Stephen W. Gilliland. Part I: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Organizational Justice. Economic and Non-Economic Mechanisms in Interpersonal Work Relationships: Toward an Integration of Agency and Procedural Justice Theories, M. Audrey Korsgaard and Harry J. Sapienza. The Religious Underpinnings of Social Justice Conceptions, Dianna L. Stone and Eugene F. Stone-Romero. Patients and Physicians as Stakeholders: Justice in the Medical Context, Carol T. Kulik and Robert L. Holbrook, Jr. A Social Information Processing View of Organizational Justice, Barry M. Goldman and Sherry M. B. Thatcher. Part II: Expanding the Domain of Unfairness. A Third-Party Observer’s Reactions to Employee Mistreatment: Motivational and Cognitive Processes in Deservingness Assessments, John H. Ellard and Daniel P. Skarlicki. Employee Stress, Injustice and the Dual-Position of the Boss, Riel Vermunt. Distribution of Tasks: A View from the Social Psychology of Justice, Gerold Mikula. "Hot Flashes, Open Wounds": Injustice and the Tyranny of Its Emotions, Robert J. Bies and Thomas M. Tripp. Part III: Commentary. Some Reflections on the Morality of Organizational Justice, Russell Cropanzano and Deborah E. Rupp. Information on Contributing Authors.