Holistic Education and Embodied Learning

Edited by:
John P. Miller, University of Toronto
Kelli Nigh, University of Toronto

A volume in the series: Current Perspectives in Holistic Education. Editor(s): John P. Miller, University of Toronto. Kelli Nigh, University of Toronto.

Published 2017

Learning often begins with an experience in the body. Our body can tighten or feel expansive depending on different learning contexts. This experience of learning in the body is crucial to holistic education. This book explores embodied learning from several perspectives.

This first section explores how psychology can inform us about embodied learning; for example, the work of Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich devoted much of their thinking to how energy manifests itself in the body. Meditation and movement are also examined as ways of embodied learning; for example, Dalcroze, a form of movement education, is presented within the context of whole person education. The book also presents schools where embodied learning is nurtured. Waldorf education is discussed as well as a public school in Toronto where the body is central to holistic education. The book also presents visions of embodied learning. John Miller presents a holistic vision of teacher education and Tobin Hart, who has written extensively in this field, writes about the embodied mind.

Embodied learning is an emerging area of inquiry in holistic education and this book presents a variety of perspectives and practices that should be helpful to both scholars and practitioners.

Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION I: PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES. A Full and Flexible Life: Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich, Kelli Nigh. Transformational Growth Into Wholeness: A Holistic, Experiential, Process Method, Jim McNamara and Caroline Mardon. Healing Archetypes: Reclaiming Teacher Wellbeing by Embodying the Wild Feminine, Joanna Krop. SECTION II: SCHOOLS. The Art of Education: Waldorf Education in Practice, Warren Lee Cohen and Brian Daniel Bresnihan. Compassionate Teaching, Young-Yie Kim. Equinox: Portrait of a Holistic School, John P. Miller. A Vision for a Holistic Secondary School, Misha Abarbanel. SECTION III: MEDITATION, CONTEMPLATION, AND MOVEMENT. Loving Kindness Meditation: Awakening Teacher Eros in Modern Educational Settings, Keith Brown. Contemplation in Action: An Engaging Pedagogy for Our Times, Jennifer Motha. Dalcroze Pedagogy: Reflections on Rhythm and Felt Learning, Sharon E. Dutton. SECTION IV: VISIONS. A Journeyman Professor’s Walk Through Metaphor and Philosophy in Search of Holistic Approaches to Teacher Education Curriculum, Rupert Clive Collister. Growing Spiritual Wings: Cultivating Creativity and Spiritual Intelligence in Holistic Education, Isabella Colalillo Kates. Embodying the Mind, Tobin Hart. A Holistic Vision of Teacher Education, John P. Miller. About the Contributors. Index.

"Holistic Education and Embodied Learning is an intriguing inquiry about the role of the body in holistic education. This book presents a wide variety of perspectives and practices written by multiple authors that will be informative to both researchers and practitioners." Lisa Lucas West Chester University in Teachers College Record (Read full review)


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