Human Capital Management Research

Influencing practice and process

Edited by:
Deborah Blackman, The University of New South Wales
Michael O’Donnell, The University of New South Wales
Stephen Teo, RMIT University, Australia

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives in Human Capital and Development . Editor(s): Bing Ran, Penn State Harrisburg. Stephen Teo, RMIT University, Australia.

Published 2016

When reading current human capital management or human resources management textbooks, it is clear that many do not reflect current research. Even new Strategic HRM books are only recently reporting research that has been widely discussed in academic journals over the last 10 years. Discussion with those who span the academic/practice worlds shows that they have regularly been struck by the dissonance between the journals and the texts. They agree that there should be more commonality but suggest that, although some of the HRM journal articles may carry some implications for practice, many do not. They are often vague as to the real potential value of the research and only outline potential interventions in a very rudimentary way.

Covering a range of topics which affect the way that human capital is attracted, developed, managed and supported, this book presents recent research which can be applied to the real world. Written by practitioners with academics, each chapter provides an overview of the research, as well as the links to current human capital management practices and identifying potential implications for future implementation. The book is designed to be of interest to academic researchers, university professors and graduate students, and to management scientists, industry economists, government officials, public policy developers and analysts, research and laboratory managers, marketing, human resources and operations managers, in fact anyone who is interested at understanding the current progress of human resources management and human capital development.

Preface to the Series, Bing Ran and Stephen T. T. Teo. Introduction. Setting the Scene: Applied Human Resources into the 21st Century, Deborah Blackman, Michael O’Donnell and Stephen T.T Teo. Is There a New Path to Advancing the Art and Science of Management? David Schmidtchen. Not So ‘Secondary’ Data – The Use of Staff Surveys in Human Capital Management Research, Tony Cotton, Alistair Warren and Deborah Blackman. Employee Engagement in the Public Sector: What Needs to Change, Natalie Jones and Sally Sambrook. Employee Commitment to the Supervisor: The Role of Side Bets, Damian West. A Three Stage Approach for the Diagnosis and Reduction of Employee Turnover, Gerry JM Treuren and Julie Goods. Recruiting for Commitment and Performance, Samantha Johnson. Technology-Based Training: Connecting HR Research with HR Practice, Adam M. Kanar, Matisha Montgomery, Rebecca L. Fraser and Tara S. Behrend. Current Themes in Behavioral Business Ethics: Implications for Human Resources Training and Development, Sheldene Simola. Performance Management: Common Practice, Unique Practice, and Effective Practice, Alan Colquitt. Performance Management as a Strategic Tool for Change, Deborah Blackman, Fiona Buick, Michael O’Donnell, Janine O’Flynn and Damian West. Conclusion: Where To From Here? Deborah Blackman, Michael O’Donnell and Stephen T.T. Teo.