Introduction to Research in Leadership

David M. Rosch, University of Illinois
Lori E. Kniffin, Fort Hays State University
Kathy L. Guthrie, Florida State University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership Learning. Editor(s): Kathy L. Guthrie, Florida State University.

Published 2023

Introduction to Research in Leadership examines the process and skills required for effectively conducting research on the concept of leadership. Its authors employ a microscope for close analysis and build balconies to see trends and gain perspective. Designed to be imminently practical, it employs concrete examples of fictional graduate students, faculty, and professionals struggling with their own issues to help readers make sense of the world of research and all of its complexities. Filled with personal anecdotes, stories, and even a touch of humor and sarcasm, each chapter weaves in relevant concepts so that those beginning the process of producing scholarship can get started on a productive path and with a positive attitude.

This introductory textbook reviews the core philosophies employed in creating new knowledge within a field of research. It describes quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods, as well as several concepts that are common across these. The text concludes with chapters focused on critical scholarship in leadership and creating habits that lead to a lifetime of learning.

Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION I: FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS IN RESEARCH CHAPTER 1: What Is Leadership Research? CHAPTER 2: Beginning the Process of Research in Leadership. CHAPTER 3: Identity and Ethical Matters in Leadership Research. CHAPTER 4: Conducting Literature Reviews. SECTION II: QUANTITATIVE METHODOLOGY CHAPTER 5: Introduction to Quantitative Leadership Research. CHAPTER 6: Quantitative Measurement and Instrumentation. CHAPTER 7: Analyzing Data Quantitatively. SECTION III: QUALITATIVE METHODOLOGY CHAPTER 8: Introduction to Qualitative Leadership Research. CHAPTER 9: Structure and Design of Qualitative Research. CHAPTER 10: Implementing and Analyzing Qualitative Research. SECTION IV: ADDITIONAL METHODOLOGICAL CONCEPTS CHAPTER 11: Creating Research Samples. CHAPTER 12: Mixed Methods Research. CHAPTER 13: Becoming a Critical Scholar. CHAPTER 14: A Lifetime of Learning in Leadership. References. About the Authors.