Rooted and Radiant

Women’s Narratives of Leadership

Edited by:
Trisha Teig, University of Denver
Brittany Devies, University of Maryland, College Park
Rebecca “Becka” Shetty, The University of Texas at Arlington

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership Learning. Editor(s): Kathy L. Guthrie, Florida State University.

Published 2023

Rooted and Radiant: Women’s Narratives of Leadership shares the narratives of 39 women navigating the process of leadership. It seeks to honor the unique experiences of the narrative authors while also challenging the dominant stories of the leadership process. The audience for the book is leadership educators and women looking to further explore leadership as a phenomenon.

Rooted and Radiant: Women’s Narratives of Leadership is grounded in the hope and radiance described by Skye, one of the many voices in this collection, where she described how “leadership radiated all around me.” The book is filled with narratives from women exploring their own stories of leadership and gender. These stories are woven together by an author team committed to centering the voices and lived experiences of these narrative authors. This book begins with important literature framing women and leadership. The early chapters also explore the research process of this book in-depth. The core of the book includes chapters focused on critical themes found in the 39 narratives and weaving together women’s narratives of understanding and enacting leadership. The book concludes with critical hope about women and leadership moving forward.

Foreword, Kathy L. Guthrie. Preface—Better Together: Channeling Our Collective Power and Purpose, Brittany Devies, Rebecca Shetty, and Trisha Teig. Acknowledgments, Trisha Teig, Brittany Devies, and Rebecca Shetty. PART I: APPROACHING THE NARRATIVES. Setting the Stage: Leadership Contexts, Rebecca Shetty, Brittany Devies, Michele Tyson, and Shenhaye Ferguson. Centering Higher Education Environments for Women’s Leadership Learning, Michele Tyson, Shenhaye Ferguson, Rebecca Shetty, Brittany Devies, and Valeria Gomez. The Meaning to Our Methods, Trisha Teig and Maritza Torres. PART II: EXPLORING THE NARRATIVES—CONTEXT. “Me! I am Leadership!” Evolutions and Disruptions by Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color, Sharrell Hassell-Goodman, Aoi Yamanaka, Kristen Pender, and Neda Kikhia. “Until We Couldn’t Fly”: Bitches, Scars, Breath, Trisha Teig. “They Made Me Who I Am”: How Family Shapes Leadership Identity Development for Women of Color, Lauren Contreras. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: College Women Leaders Reflect on Their Role Models, Simone A. F. Gause. EXPLORING THE NARRATIVES—GROWTH. Am I Doing It Right? College Women Leaders and Their Experiences With Imposter Syndrome, Adrian L. Bitton. Blooming Where We Are Planted: Growth in Leadership Development, Brittany Devies. What Leadership Isn’t: Conceptualizing Leadership Through Reflection, Rebecca Shetty. EXPLORING THE NARRATIVES—ENACTMENT. Leadership Looks Like... Me, Julie Henriquez Aldana and Lauren Contreras. Navigating Shifting Tides: The Development of Feminist Leadership Identities, Julie E. Owen and Adrian L. Bitton. Taking Up Your Leadership: Women’s Courage, Strength, and Persistence in Enacting Leadership, Paige Haber-Curran. The Transformational Power of Feminist Women’s Leadership Education, Sasha Taner. PART III: WEAVING AND APPLYING THE NARRATIVES. We Are the Sun, Trisha Teig, Rebecca Shetty, and Brittany Devies. About the Editors. About the Contributors.