International Perspectives on Bilingual Education

Policy, Practice, and Controversy

Edited by:
John E. Petrovic, The University of Alabama

A volume in the series: International Perspectives on Educational Policy, Research and Practice. Editor(s): Timothy Reagan, University of Maine and University of the Free State. Neil Collins, University College Cork and Nazarbayev University.

Published 2010

This book is a defense of linguistic pluralism and language policies and practices in education that sustain that ideal. Educational meanings and models are influenced by different populations and different social and historical contexts. International comparisons can shed interesting light on the issues. Therefore, the purpose of the book is to provide scholars an international comparative understanding of language policy, its relation to educational practice, and current debates within the field. The book is divided into three sections dealing with the general topical areas of policy, practice, and controversy.

This book will be of interest to policy-makers, scholars, and graduate students in the areas of bilingual education, language policy, and sociolinguistics.

Foreword, Terrence Wiley, Arizona State University. Introduction. SECTION 1: POLICY 1. Language Minority Education in the United States: Power and Policy, John E. Petrovic. 2. Language Minority Rights and Educational Policy in Canada, Thomas Ricento and Andreea Cervatiuc. 3. Education Policy and Language Shift in Guatemala, Ivonne Heinze Balcazar. SECTION 2: PRACTICE 4. Transitions to Biliteracy: Creating Positive Academic Trajectories for Emerging Bilinguals in the United States, Kathy Escamilla and Susan Hopewell. 5. Bilingualism and Biliteracy in India: Implications for Education, Prema K. S. Rao, Jayashree C. Shanbal, Sarika Khurana. 6. Making Choices for Sustainable Social Plurilingualism: Some Reflections from the Catalan Language Area, F. Xavier Vila i Moreno. SECTION 3: CONTROVERSY 7. Reorienting Language-as-Resource, Richard Ruiz. 8. The Role of Language in Theories of Academic Failure for Linguistic Minorities, Jeff MacSwan and Kellie Rolstad. 9. A Postliberal Critique of Language Rights: Toward a Politics of Language for a Linguistics of Contact, Christopher Stroud.