Leadership for School Improvement

Reflection and Renewal

Edited by:
Cherie B. Gaines

A volume in the series: Leadership for School Improvement. Editor(s): Khalid Arar, Texas State University.

Published 2019

As the inaugural issue in the Leadership for School Improvement (LSI) Special Interest Group (SIG) Book Series, this volume serves as a reflection on the foundations of the field of school improvement. Contents include connections between school improvement and the agency of principals, districts, universities, and policy. This volume will be placed in the school improvement literature with examinations of evolution, trends, policies, and future foci in the field of school improvement. This book is rich in research and literature about school improvement, school effectiveness, and school reform policy and implementation and thus holds significance for educational practitioners, scholars, and policy makers at all levels.

Dedication. Introduction: Evolution of School Improvement: Reflection and Renewal, Cherie Barnett Gaines. An Historical Evolution of School Improvement: 1960–2000, Cherie Barnett Gaines. The Intersection of Federal Initiatives and School Improvement Policy: A Reflection on Major Federal Agendas for Education Reform, David J. Lomascolo. Trends in School Improvement Research Post-NCLB, Nate Koerber and Margaret M. Ritchie. Research Trends in School Improvement for Marginalized Students, James A. Martinez. School Improvement through Shared Leadership, Julia Kirk. Dynamic Roles of District Leaders in School Improvement and Reform, Dianne F. Olivier. University Leadership Preparation, District Needs, and the Importance of the University Internship Supervisor in Bridging the Gap, Jami Royal Berry. School Leadership Renewal, Cherie Barnett Gaines. About the Authors.