Leadership for School Improvement

Call for Book Proposals

The Leadership for School Improvement (LSI) SIG is seeking book proposals for the next volume in the LSI Book Series. The purpose of the LSI SIG is to examine how leadership of teachers, principals and superintendents influences instructional capacity resulting in improved student outcomes and how policy guides this collaborative effort. In addition, the LSI SIG encourages discussion and development of the philosophical, theoretical and empirical tenets guiding school and system renewal. The executive committee invites all LSI SIG members to consider writing a proposal for the next volume of the book series. Only proposals from current LSI SIG members will be considered. The book series is an edited volume that includes chapters focusing on various themed aspects of school improvement.

Book proposals should include the following elements:

I. An explanation of the overall objectives and significance of the book project in a detailed statement of purpose. In writing your statement of purpose, please respond to the following questions:

• Who is/are the author(s)/editor(s)?
• Who is your audience for this book? (e.g., academic, professional, practitioner, etc.)?
• How do you expect readers to make use of this book?
• How does the book extend current knowledge in your field of study?
• How does the project explore previously unrecognized or infrequently considered topics in the literature?
• How does this work fit within with the published literature and within the purpose of the LSI SIG?

II. An outline of the book that provides a list of the proposed chapter topics that will be covered.

III. A proposed timeline for the book (e.g. the call for chapters, review of chapters, edits, publication, etc.)

IV. A curriculum vitae for the editor(s)

Please send all proposals to the book series editor, Dr. Sonya Hayes at The University of Tennessee:

The deadline for book proposals is January 31st.