Equity & Access

An Analysis of Educational Leadership Preparation, Policy & Practice

Edited by:
Denver J. Fowler, California State University, Bakersfield
Julian Vasquez Heilig, University of Kentucky
Sarah M. Jouganatos, California State University, Sacramento
Arvin Johnson, Kennesaw State University

A volume in the series: Leadership for School Improvement. Editor(s): Khalid Arar, Texas State University.

Published 2023

This book is significant in that it offers an in-depth historical analysis of educational leadership and educational policy in the United States and around the globe. The book focuses on how leadership preparation and practices as well as policy and procedures have affected and continues to effect all stakeholders including school leaders, teachers, and students. The aim of the book is to examine both the positive and negative implications (nationally and internationally) of: (1) trends in educational leadership preparation; (2) trends in educational leadership practices; (3) educational policy; and (4) the procedures and the intended/unintended consequences associated with such policies.


"Equity & Access: An analysis of Educational Leadership Preparation, Policy, & Practice provides an excellent lens into some of the field's most relevant and timely topics. This book provides practical resources on multiple levels. Specifically, it can help educators incorporate various concepts into practice. Additionally, readers will strengthen their knowledge base in leadership preparation. This book is a must-read and should be adopted in Educational Leadership programs across the country." — David Buckman, Augusta University

"Centering equity and access at the heart of the educational leadership conversation makes this book volume a standout in the array of educational leadership texts. In a single-source, each author challenges learners to think through their motivations, and the consequences of their actions and decision-making in the real-world, as they also acquire practical skills and concrete knowledge. Never has the time been more appropriate than now, for a focused book like this one – a needed and welcome addition for those invested in the preparation and on-going development of educational leaders." — Stephanie James, Jacksonville University

"Equity & Access serves as a stark reminder that, as practicing school leaders in the 21st Century, everything we do and every decision we make should be done so through the lens of what is equitable for all stakeholders including students, staff, parents, community members, and business owners." — James Wrede, Southern California Principal

"Connecting theories of effective leadership to practical examples is not an easy task. It demands a rigorous interdisciplinary approach, thoughtful theory of change, and must be grounded to the lives of real people. This new edited volume, On Leadership, is alive with lessons! It provides a roadmap where educational equity is not merely the destination, but the journey." — Vajra M. Watson, Sacramento State

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