Moving Towards Action

Anti-Racism in Leadership Learning

Edited by:
Cameron C. Beatty, Florida State University
Amber Manning-Ouellette, Oklahoma State University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership Learning. Editor(s): Kathy L. Guthrie, Florida State University.

In Press 2024

Moving Towards Action: Centering Anti-Racism in Leadership Learning speaks to communities of people within and surrounding higher education and specifically, leadership educators, partners, researchers, administrators, and student affairs practitioners. The text expands thinking on the concepts of socially and racially just leadership education by unpacking the ways in which individual, structural, and systemic racism can be embedded in curricular, co-curricular, community-based, and unstructured leadership courses and programs. By centering how implicit and explicit racism are woven into leadership education, the text asks leadership educators to critically explore their own anti-racist approaches, reimagine their leadership program outcomes, and think more broadly about how leadership education can be more anti-racist and move towards action with equitable and just outcomes. Beatty and Manning-Ouellette assemble the text for all audiences to gain a deeper, more complex perspective on racism, anti-racist frameworks, and leaving leadership education better than when they arrived.

The text is organized in such a way that leadership educators can take away new practices for navigating personal struggle, fragility, and resistance around topics of racism that occur in both curricular and co-curricular collegiate leadership programs. Beatty and Manning-Ouellette arrange the text in three sections: 1) Theoretical and Conceptual Considerations of Anti-Racism Approaches to Leadership Learning, 2) Innovations in Research & Practice, and 3) Moving Towards Action with contributions from leadership educators and scholars. Therefore, the text serves as an entry point to dialogue, think, and coalesce about anti-racism in leadership learning and explore what possibilities exist for us to move toward anti-racist praxis and pedagogy in leadership education.


"A critical scholarly contribution, Moving Towards Action: Centering Anti-Racism in Leadership Learning, unpacks, challenges, and explicates social justice and leadership education in higher education. Readers of this text should gain a better understanding of how systemic and structural racism manifests at colleges and universities, with a focus on leadership learning, education, and leadership programs. A timely text for our field." — Gene T. Parker, III, University of Kansas

"Illuminating and important. Moving Towards Action: Centering Anti-Racism in Leadership Learning is the book leadership educators need to ready students and themselves for taking on the complex challenges of leading for liberation. By centering anti-racism pedagogy and praxis in leadership learning, the authors invite readers to work both personally and publicly towards equity and inclusion." — Julie E. Owen, George Mason University

Foreword: Problem or Possibility: Leadership at Times of Reconstruction, Antron D. Mahoney. Preface. The Invitation to Center Anti-Racism Pedagogy and Praxis in Leadership Learning, Amber Manning Ouellette and Cameron C. Beatty. SECTION I: THEORETICAL AND CONCEPTUAL CONSIDERATIONS OF ANTI-RACISM APPROACHES TO LEADERSHIP LEARNING. Defining Racism and Theoretical Considerations for Engaging in Anti-racism Work in Leadership Education, Cameron C. Beatty and Laura Vaughn. What is So Difficult About Anti-Racism Work in Leadership Education? Ramya Chandrashekar. Anti-racism in Leadership Education Research, Ericka Roland and Relius Johnson. SECTION II: INNOVATIONS IN RESEARCH & PRACTICE: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES IN LEADERSHIP LEARNING WHEN ANTI-RACISM IS CENTERED. Where to Start When Situating Anti-Racism in Pedagogy in Leadership Education: Engaging Through Course Design, Nyasha M. GuramatunhuCooper. The Personal Work of Anti-Racism in Leadership Education, Darren Pierre and Louisa Nkrumah. The Role of Anti-Racism in Student Affairs Leadership, Martino Harmon, Anna Gonzalez, and Flapp Cockrell. Reconsidering Leadership Educator Discourses Using Anti-Racism Frameworks, Erica R. Wiborg and Jesse R. Ford. SECTION III: MOVING TOWARDS ACTION. Using Anti-Racist Approaches in Leadership Program Administration, Joshua K. Taylor. Strategies for Centering Community Engagement in Anti-Racism Leadership Education, Andreya M. Williams. It is About Dollars and Sense: Using Leadership Development to Advance Antiracist Practices in Organizational Contexts, Roberta Maldonado Franzen and R.J. Youngblood. Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Leadership Education Curricular Environments, Amber Manning-Ouellette and Jacinta Mutambuki. Time for Action, Cameron C. Beatty and Amber Manning-Ouellette.