Pathfinders in International Psychology

Edited by:
Grant J. Rich, Consulting Psychologist, Juneau, Alaska
Uwe Gielen, St. Francis College

A volume in the series: International Psychology. Editor(s): Elaine P. Congress, Fordham University. Harold Takooshian, Fordham University.

Published 2015

This book provides a global overview of pioneers in international psychology with contributions from distinguished authors from representative nations around the world. Chapters offer biographical profiles describing the personal histories and professional contributions of leading figures in psychology from across the globe that represent the diversity of psychology. This volume can serve as a core or supplemental text for a broad range of courses in Psychology, International Studies, and Education, with particular interest to those teaching international psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and history of psychology.

Foreword, Florence L. Denmark. Preface. The Rise of Modern Psychology: From Western Intellectual Ancestry to Global Practice, Grant Rich and Uwe P. Gielen. Part I: Psychological Healing and the Emergence of Psychiatry. The Curious Birth of Psychological Healing in the Western World (1775–1825): From Gaßner to Mesmer to Puységur, Uwe P. Gielen and Jeannette Raymond. Pierre Janet: French Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Philosopher, Isabelle Saillot and Onno van der Hart. Emil Kraepelin: Experimental Psychology as an Auxiliary Science in Psychiatry and Clinical Empirical Psychiatry as the Foundation of Modern Psychiatry, Holger Steinberg. Part II: Psychology as a Growing International European Science. Maria Montessori: The Worldwide Impact of an Italian Educator and Child Psychologist, Grant J. Rich. Lev S. Vygotsky: A Hamletian Spirit With Marxist Dispositions, Uwe P. Gielen and Samvel Jeshmaridian. Alexander R. Luria: A Brief Biography, Tatiana V. Akhutina and Gary Shereshevsky. Part III: Two American Ambassadors of International Psychology. Otto Klineberg: International Social Psychologist, Edwin P. Hollander. Charles D. Spielberger: Ambassador for Scientific Psychology, Ann M. O’Roark. Part IV: The Worldwide Expansion of Psychology. Mustapha Soueif: An Intellectual Portrait of the Father of Arab Clinical Psychology, Ramadan A. Ahmed. Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero: Pioneer of Latin American Psychology, Rolando Díaz-Loving. Durganand Sinha: The Pioneering Work of an Indian Psychologist, Dinesh Sharma. Kuo-Shu Yang: Scholar, Leader, Activist, William K. Gabrenya, Jr. and Chien-Ru Sun. Geert Hofstede: Worldwide Psychological Comparisons of Societies, Peter B. Smith. Part V: Overcoming Africa’s Colonial Heritage and Racism. Frantz Fanon: Architect of a Psychology of Oppression and Liberation, Chalmer E. Thompson. Saths Cooper: Post-Apartheid Psychologist, Activist, and Leader in South Africa and Beyond, Grant J. Rich and Judy Kuriansky. About the Editors. About the Contributors.

"In conclusion, this book was quite revealing and informative, particularly with respect to describing the efforts of outstanding professionals during the 1700s and 1800s. The broad lens and foci placed on these professionals worldwide resulted in a publication that is highly unusual, rich in context, cultural perspective, and nuance, and also rich in its exploration and explanation of the creation and implementation of theoretical, methodological, and practical innovations and discoveries. The importance and critical urgency for psychologists to be knowledgeable about what is now labeled cross-cultural, cultural, indigenous, and international psychology is readily apparent throughout this book." Dr. Lawrence Gerstein & Dr. Yuichung Chan Ball State University in PsycCRITIQUES

"...the book constitutes a major contribution to international and cultural psychology by a unique team of editors and authors of 14 nationalities. Collectively, they have elucidated the intertwining of universal, cultural, and personal threads of behavior as they have ben brought to light by the distinguished pioneers and innovators whose efforts span more than two centuries. The book will be of interest to a widening circle of psychologists who are curious about the vicissitudes of their discipline across space and time. Beyond disciplinary boundaries, it will alos appear to cultural anthropologists, comparative sociologists, and social historians." Juns G. Draguns, PhD Professor Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University in International Psychology Bulletin

"Pathfinders in International Psychology is a very valuable book because it reminds us that psychology is, without doubt, an international discipline. Drs. Rich and Gielen have done a spectacular job highlighting psychology's past and present, as well as giving us hope and excitement for its future." Carrie M. Brown Mohegan Tribe in SCCR Newsletter

"Pathfinders in International Psychology will provide a rich context for our students as they explore the direction of their careers. I found the book enjoyable and engaging, as it illuminated the challenges, choices, detours and rebounds in careers of 17 psychologists, psychiatrists, and healers living from 1727 to the present across the world. " Sheila J. Henderson in The General Psychologist

"Pathfinders in International Psychology is an exceptional book that offers its readers the opportunity to travel simultaneously in time and space across the landscape of our discipline and of the world. Internationally renowned Drs. Rich and Gielen have astutely selected a sophisticated list of 17 pathfinders from 14 countries and then asked accomplished authors to write biographies that detail not only their personal histories but also their professional and scientific contributions.

This volume makes a unique and remarkable contribution which brings about recognition for those psychologists and psychiatrists who have made our discipline and our world a better place. As readers, we are inspired by the lives of these Pathfinders and feel compelled to further develop their gifts to humanity. We are indebted to the editors for being pathfinders themselves, transcending the customary list of historical figures and highlighting individuals from every continent." Andrés J. Consoli, Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara