Quality Time

Productivity Through Time Management

David D. Van Fleet, Arizona State University

Published 2020

Managers who focus on time usually concentrate on the wrong things. Quality Time presents a new approach to achieving productivity through time management. Time itself is not what matters but rather how that time is used to achieve individual and organizational goals. Managers who get upset over employees coming to work late or socializing on the job often care more about them “putting in time” than putting their time to good use.

Quality Time is for managers and others who care about everyone putting their time to good use to contribute to the value of the organization. Based on unique concepts, Quality Time offers both general and specific information and advice from an individual and a team or group point of view. It is designed so that the manager is involved first and then group or team members are engaged. Through reciprocal communication, all parties can arrive at better uses of time. While focused on managers, anyone can achieve productivity from the use of the unique framework and assessments.

Quality Time is different from other time-management books. Most are focused solely on the individual. Quality Time is intended to serve individuals but also workgroups or teams. Quality Time is readable. It uses straightforward language to involve the reader. It makes learning easier and enjoyable by making the material realistic and interesting. The material is up-to-date and accurate as well.

Praise for Quality Time

"I own a one employee company. Reading Quality Time enlightened me. It was not a difficult read and full of useful concepts, many I have never considered. We have all been taught, ‘plan your work, work your plan.’ Dr. David Van Fleet's book keeps me focused on better ways to use time wisely to create a better plan."
Steve Nemeth
Realtor Broker

"The framework and assessments in the book should be valuable to any organization."
Todd LaPorte
CEO of HonorHealth Scottsdale

"Teamwork is a fact of life in organizations and the struggle to make teams use time more effectively is another ongoing fact of life. This book is a broadly comprehensive and immediately applicable look at the ways we can make team’s use of time better. The novel use of the V-REEL® Framework to focus the efforts to improve team time is both insightful and helpful. My hearty applause is offered to David Van Fleet's unique perspective that will serve to improve team interactions and performance through the use of quality time.”
G. David Flint,
Co-founder of Value Creation Company
and author of Think Beyond Value - Building Strategy to Win

"Having completed the first-time management program offered by Time Systems, Inc. in 1980, I was keen to discover what David Van Fleet would offer to add to those earlier ideas and refine recommended practices that were previously known. Professor Van Fleet has offered here some wonderful time management tips, but even more importantly, he has demonstrated how to move from personal goal setting to managing team time, more readily achieving institutional goals. In particular, his idea of developing a means-end-staircase for a team is a significant contribution toward the management of time expended toward organizational goals. It necessarily includes consideration of the individual goals of each team member and should be highly motivating to everyone on the team. David has also addressed the necessary process of managing both the positive and negative effects of stress on employee performance. This book goes a long way toward explaining how to implement the principles in my own book."
Richard N. Morrison, Author,
Activate Human Capital

Preface. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1: Quality Time. CHAPTER 2: V-REEL: A New Way. CHAPTER 3: Applying the New Way. CHAPTER 4: Management and Managers. CHAPTER 5: Your Time. CHAPTER 6: Adjusting Your Time. CHAPTER 7: Managing Team Time. CHAPTER 8: Time Management Tips. CHAPTER 9: Time and Stress. CHAPTER 10: Help Is on the Way. CHAPTER 11: What’s Next. Appendices: Assessments and “Tools” for Copying for Others. References. Suggested Reading. About the Author.

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New book helps bosses adopt ‘the new norm’ of work post-COVID-19 A new book by Dr. David Van Fleet, Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University, provides a timely and much-needed resource for businesses to inspire employees and ensure fairness, consistency and a future-oriented workplace culture. Management and workers alike must focus on what’s accomplished on the job rather than the clock to be flexible and ready to adapt to changing conditions. READ THE FULL RELEASE (PDF)