Re-Imagining Transformative Leadership in Teacher Education

Edited by:
Ann E. Lopez, University of Toronto
Elsie L. Olan, University of Central Florida

A volume in the series: Transformative Pedagogies in Teacher Education. Editor(s): Ann E. Lopez, University of Toronto. Elsie L. Olan, University of Central Florida.

Published 2021

This is the third and final book in the series Transformative Pedagogies in Teacher Education. Like the first two books in the series it is geared towards practitioners in the field of teacher education. This third book focuses on transformative leadership in teacher education. In other words, the kind of leadership and practices that will be important and necessary to bring about the kind of changes that both teachers and students seek to improve educational outcomes for all students, but in particular Black, Indigenous and racialized students who have been traditionally underserved by the education system. Teacher leadership plays an important role in transformative educational change that challenges all forms of oppression and white supremacy. This book features chapters by a collection of scholars, teacher educators, researchers, teacher advocates and practitioners drawing on their research and experiences to explore critical issues in teacher education.

The book will be useful to teacher educators working with teacher candidates in different contexts, experienced teachers and school leaders. Given demographic shifts and the need for educators to respond to growing diversity in schools, educators will find valuable strategies in Transformative Pedagogies in Teacher Education: Re-Imagining Transformative Leadership in Teacher Education they can employ in their own practice. In addition to valuable strategies, authors explore different approaches and perspectives critical in these changing and challenging times. Critical notions of education are posited from different perspectives and contexts. This book will be useful for teacher education programs, principal preparation programs, in-service teachers, school boards and districts engaging in ongoing professional development of teachers and school leaders.

About the Series. Series Foreword, Christine Sleeter. Preface, Ann E. Lopez and Elsie Lindy Olan. Acknowledgments. Teacher Leadership and Activism: A Conceptual Critical Re-Imagining, Ann E. Lopez. Supporting the Next Generation of Urban Science and Mathematics Teachers: Using Reflections to Guide Beginning Teachers’ Leadership and Classroom Practices, Bobby Jeanpierre. Answering the Call: Developing Teacher Identity, Agency, and Resiliency Through Community-Led Cultural Immersion, Jerry B. Olson, Robert E. Lee, and Brent D. Showalter. Teaching for Social Justice: Critical Perspectives From Teacher Educators in Jamaica, Carmel Roofe. A Self-Study in Supporting Pre-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Critical Teacher Noticing During Field Experiences in Diverse Schools: Background and Purpose of the Study, Toya Frank and Monique Williams. Transformative Pedagogy for Early Childhood Pre-Service Teachers’ Leadership Development: Study Abroad, Student Organization, and Service Learning, Sohyun Meacham, Charletta Sudduth, and Danica Chalstrom. Transformative Learning Pedagogies: Reflective Practice in Reproductive Health Education in Ghana, Lucy Effeh Attom. Bridging the Gap: Transformative School Leadership Through Black Parental Partnerships, Desiree F. Sylvestre. A Kenyan Educator’s Perspective on Transformative Learning: An Autoethnography, Mungai Njoroge. From Leaders to Accomplices: Autoethnography as Praxis in Teacher Education, Jessica S. Powell. Re-Imagining Transformative Leadership Through Collaborative Narratives and Experiential Collaborative Mentorship Strategies in a Writing Workshop, Elsie Lindy Olan. Youths Tell Their Stories: Examining Experiences of Black Youths Suspended From Secondary Schools in Ontario, Maria S. Brisbane and Ann E. Lopez. Rediscovering Transformative Leadership in Teacher Education: Building Teacher Leaders Through a Transformative Partnership, Reflection, and Inquiry, Rebecca Powell and Lori Rakes. Teacher Transformation in Urban Elementary Classrooms Engaged With a Transdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Initiative, Carolyn Parker, Susan Harper, and Nick Lehn. About the Editors. About the Contributors.