Transformative Pedagogies for Teacher Education

Moving Towards Critical Praxis in an Era of Change

Edited by:
Ann E. Lopez, University of Toronto
Elsie L. Olan, University of Central Florida

A volume in the series: Transformative Pedagogies in Teacher Education. Editor(s): Ann E. Lopez, University of Toronto. Elsie L. Olan, University of Central Florida.

Published 2018

People are on the move all across the globe and the student population is becoming increasingly more diverse. This has brought about new opportunities and challenges for educators, and teachers. In this series teacher educators a) deconstruct and problematize what it means to educate new teachers for increasingly diverse schools and classroom contexts, and b) highlight experiences of teacher educators as they attempt to bridge the theory to practice divide often encountered in teacher education.

In these challenging times when public education is under attack, culturally responsive, antiracist, critical multicultural, social justice and all forms of teaching that are inclusive and equitable must be supported and encouraged. As schools continue to be spaces where ideas and values that promote equity and justice in society are contested, teachers must be proactive in engaging in pedagogies that respond to the needs of a diverse student population.

Transformative Pedagogies bring together the work of teachers, scholars, and activists from different countries and contexts who are seeking to transform teacher education. This book will be useful to all educators seeking alternative and innovative approaches to education and meeting the needs of students. Teacher educators examine what it means to be transformative and drawing on experiences from different contexts.

About the Series, Ann E. Lopez and Elsie Ola. Foreword, Christine Sleeter. Preface, Ann E. Lopez and Elsie Lindy Olan. Disrupting and Problematizing Teachers’ Notions of Equity Pedagogy: Narrative Pedagogy and Dialogic Interactions as Transformative Practices, Elsie L. Olan. When Effective Instruction is Not Enough: A Critical Look at Emergent Understandings of Liberatory Pedagoy by Teachers in a Master’s Program, Misty Sailors, Miriam Martinez, Logan Manning, Dennis S. Davis, Rebecca Stortz, and Teresa Sellers. “I’m just playing devil’s advocate”: Preservice Teachers’ Identity Construction Through Dialogic Talk, Eileen M. Shanahan. A Framework for Enacting the Metapedagogy Method in Teacher Education: What Why Where When and How, Matthew Thomas and Ann Yehle. Enacting Theory-and-Practice Pedagogies Within a Teacher Preparation Program: Experiences of Teacher Candidates, Kevin O’Connor, Gladys Sterenberg, and David Dillon. Toward Transformative Practices in Teacher Development: Lessons From Research With Youth of Color, Louie F. Rodriguez and Tara Brown. What is the Skill of Teaching? A New Framework of Teachers’ Social Emotional Cognition, Vanessa Rodriguez and Bryan Mascio. Teaching Cases as Pedagogical Tools for Transformative Practice, AnnMarie Gunn, Susan Bennett, James Welsh, and Barbara Peterson. [Un]Consciously [Dis]Serving English Learners: A Reflection of Bilingual Teacher Educators on the Border, Jeanette Haynes Writer, Lida J. Uribe-Florez, and Blanca Araujo. Disruptive Pedagogy: A Critical Approach to Diversity in Teacher Education, Ann E. Lopez. “I Don't Have the Resources to Learn, or... the Time to Do That”: Teacher Educators’ Perspectives and Practices of Preparing Pre-service Teachers for English Language Learners, Guofang Li, Yue Bian, and Jose Manuel Martinez.


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