Structured Discovery Cane Travel Approach to Orientation and Mobility Concepts

Merry-Noel Chamberlain

A volume in the series: Critical Concerns in Blindness. Editor(s): Edward C. Bell, Louisiana Tech University.

Published 2024

Structured Discovery Cane Travel Approach to Orientation and Mobility Concepts is a collection of skill-building fundamental techniques essential to develop mobility independence for students who are blind or visually impaired. This book dives into transformational mobility concepts followed by a trove of tried-and-true necessary and efficient activities to enhance students’ abilities to improve problem-solving skills within natural environments while using a long white cane with a metal tip as the primary mobility tool. Since Structured Discovery Cane Travel is individualized, this activity-based collection may be used to enhance introduction to and/or assistance with on-going education of comprehending complicated concrete and abstract Orientation and Mobility concepts to help achieve independent mobility.

Structured Discovery Cane Travel Approach to Orientation and Mobility Concepts focuses on encouraging students to develop intrinsic knowledge and abilities through this plethora of activity-based transformational approaches to target individual objectives. These activities logically transpire through direct exposure and/or teachable moments to hand-on experiences to help students create mental mapping skills of their surroundings which can then be utilized in novel or unfamiliar environments. Used in conjunction with The ABCs of Structured Discovery Cane Travel for Children, by Merry-Noel Chamberlain, parents and instructors of children who are blind or visually impaired will be able to comprehend and instruct O&M essentials using this vault of O&M activities.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction. CHAPTER 2: What Is Structured Discovery Cane Travel? CHAPTER 3: Auditory Awareness: Sensory Awareness is the First Step, in Developing O&M. CHAPTER 4: Body Coordination. CHAPTER 5: Books, Stories, and Articles. CHAPTER 6: Cane Perfection. CHAPTER 7: Cardinal Directions. CHAPTER 8: Even and Odd Numbers. CHAPTER 9: Indoor Mobility. CHAPTER 10: Left and Right. CHAPTER 11: Miscellaneous Activities and Concepts. CHAPTER 12: Neighborhood Mobility. CHAPTER 13: Olfactory and Tactile Awareness. CHAPTER 14: O&M Poems and Songs. CHAPTER 15: Problem-Solving. CHAPTER 16: Spatial Awareness. CHAPTER 17: Vision Concerns and How to Assist. References. Appendix. About the Author.