University and School Connections

Research Studies in Professional Development Schools

Edited by:
Irma N. Guadarrama, University of Texas - Pan Am
John Ramsey, University of Houston
Janice L. Nath, University of Houston

A volume in the series: Research in Professional Development Schools and School-University Partnerships. Editor(s): JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College. Ronald Beebe, University of Houston -Downtown. Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte. Jennifer K. McCorvey, University of South Florida.

Published 2008

The need for strengthening the connections between university-based teacher education programs and schools has never been greater in an era where standards and accountability systems often play centric roles in practically all aspects of the education field. Within this context, university educators and school practitioners have increasingly focused their attention on how professional development schools produce the multiplicity of outcomes that address the exigencies of quality programs for educating teachers and improving school achievement. In keeping with the mission of producing a collection of papers that inform, enlighten, and motivate readers, Volume 3 of the Professional Development Schools book series provides practitioners and researchers with articles on a substantial variety of themes on the most recent developments of the field. Among the thematic threads that organize Volume 3 are 1) using the national standards to examine and evaluate PDSs; 2) implementation, development and leadership issues relevant to beginning and experienced PDSs; 3) using innovative means for student assessments and mentoring in preservice education within a PDS context; 4) the impact of PDSs on teacher education and student achievement; and 5) cases of PDSs and the value of lessons learned. Volume 3 is similar to the previous two volumes in that it includes both practitioner and researcher strands, however, the authors in the current volume carry a sense of maturity and exudes a tone of confidence in their voice. Professional development schools research is an important aspect of teacher education. The collection of articles in Volume 3 contribute to our understanding of their
essential qualities and offer assurance that innovation, change, and quality are building blocks in professional development schools.

CONTENTS: Introduction, Irma N. Guadarrama. PAR T I: PDS PROGRAM MODELS AND IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES. Linking Theory and Practice: Teaching Methods Classes in Professional Development Schools, Lourdes Zaragoza Mitchel and Alisa Hindin. Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice with Professional Development Schools: A Department of Special Education’s Evolving Journey, Patricia Alvarez McHatton, David Allsopp, Elizabeth Doone, Darlene DeMarie, Karen Colucci, and Ann Cranstron-Gingras. Teaching Content in PDSs: Investigating Mathematics Preparation, Janice L. Nath and Marion Godine. Partner Schools: A University Art Education Program and an Expressive Arts Elementary School, Kathy Unrath and Belinda Smith. Learning About Best Practices Literacy Instruction in the Context of Professional Development Schools, Julie L. Rosenthal, Marie Donnantuono, Dorothy Feola, Mary A. Lebron, Christina Flynn, and Nina Wasserman. An Idea for Improving Teacher Preparation: An Interdisciplinary and Online-Enhanced Field-Based Model, Matt Thomas, Carl Grigsby, and Jerry Akins. Promoting Professional Development Schools: A Study in the Viability of Future PDS Partnerships, Taking the First Step! Fern Dallas and Suzanne Horn. Promoting Learning in a Professional Development School: Helping Students “Get Over the Mountain”, Tina L. Heafner and Melba Spooner. Preparing Teachers to Serve Diverse Learners: A PDS/Full-Service Community School Model, JoAnne Ferrara, Eileen Santiago, and Christina Siry. PAR T I I: PERSPECTIVES ON INQUIRY AND MENTORING. Teachers for a New Era: A Collaborative University and School District Teacher Training Program, Robert E. Kladifko. Facilitating Leadership across the Lifespan of a PDS Partnership, Anita Perna Bohn and Thomas P. Crumpler. A School/University Partnership: Please Don’t Stop (PDS), Fran Greb, Tara Snellings, and Marie Smith. Re-Creating Teacher Education through Long-Term Partnerships, Carole Walker, Catherine K. Zeek, Martha M. Foote, and Gilbert Naizer. Professional Development in Action: Getting People to Get Along, Merilyn Buchanan, Robert E. Bleicher, Sima Behshid, Charmon Evans, and Linda Ngarupe. PAR T I I I: PERSPECTIVES ON INQUIRY AND MENTORING. Inquiry-Oriented Mentoring in an Elementary Professional Development School: The Case of Claudia, Diane Yendol-Hoppey and Nancy Fichtman Dana. Professional Development Schools: Mentoring Checklist to Enhance Effective Practices, Jennifer E. Aldrich, Sharon L. Lamson, Beverly Wallace, and Sherrie Carter. Portraits of an Inquiry Stance Toward Teaching: Exploring Explicit Relationships Between Inquiry and PDS, Jennifer L. Snow-Gerono. A Comparison of Experiences of Year-Long Teaching Interns and Traditional Student Teachers in a Professional Development School Setting, Gary L. Willhite, D. John McIntyre, and Kathy Thomas Willhite. PAR T IV: PROGRAM ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION. The Urban Initiative Professional Development School’s Intern Assessment System: A Contextualized and Authentic Pre-Service Evaluation Method, Juliana M. Taymans, Kathleen P. Tindle, Maxine B. Freund, Lindsay A. Harris, and Deanna M. Ortiz. Using NCATE PDS Standards to Conduct Program Evaluation and Change Partnership Culture, Jonatha W. Vare, Crystal L. Small, and Wendi S. Dunlap. Using National Standards to Examine Professional Development School Participants’ Beliefs and Values Regarding Their PDS Partnerships, Diane M. Truscott, Lydia Criss Mays, and Brandi Wells. PAR T V: PAST AND FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS. Eleven Years and Counting: The Lasting Impact of PDS Experience on Teaching Careers, Roger Brindley, Patricia L. Daniel, Hilda Rosselli, Cindy Campbell, and Dorian Vizcain. Examining the Quality of Inquiry in the Research on Professional Development Schools: Editors’ Analysis, Irma Guadarrama, John M. Ramsey, and Janice Nath. Contributing Authors.