Visions from Professional Development School Partners

Connecting Professional Development and Clinical Practice

Edited by:
Merilyn Buchanan, California State University Channel Islands
Michael Cosenza, California Lutheran University

A volume in the series: Research in Professional Development Schools and School-University Partnerships. Editor(s): JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College. Ronald Beebe, University of Houston -Downtown. Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte.

Published 2018

Rich clinical preparation combined with progressive experiences in professional development school (PDS) settings are proposed to bring about systemic and impactful transformation of educator preparation and professional growth in order to improve and enhance P-12 student learning. In this book, diverse authors describe their efforts to forge PDS partnerships to develop and deliver high quality training and practical experiences for candidates, and simultaneously provide professional development for experienced practitioners in ways that mirror recommendations found in authoritative reports and literature. The authors’ collective wisdom is vividly captured in the multi-voiced chapters that are collaborations between cooperating teachers, school administrators, county and district level administrators, university supervisors, and instructional faculty.

The contexts authors write about are recognizable, and the accomplishments they experienced and challenges faced will resonate with institutions courageously undertaking change or renewal. The book will be invaluable to school and university faculty and administrators as they transition to a partnering model of clinical preparation for teacher candidates: it will help stakeholders decide if their schools and institutions are ready to commit to a partnership, and highlight the benefits they stand to gain, but realistically address challenges that may be faced by administrators and faculties as well as teacher candidates in the PDS enterprise.

Foreword. Acknowledgment. Introduction: The Essential Importance of the PDS Model for Effective Teacher Preparation. PART I: BRINGING THE VISION INTO REALITY. A Short History of Professional Development Schools: Looking Backward and Forward, Michael Cosenza and Merilyn Buchanan. Partner Decision-Making: Assessing PDS Partnership Readiness, Thierry Kolpin, Emily Shoemaker, and Cindy Cary. From Courtship to Marriage: Using Pilot Programs to Create Professional Development Schools, Michael N. Cosenza. PDS and PLC: A Promising Approach in Supporting Teacher Education, Keith A. Walters. The Administrator Perspective: Looking Out From the Principal’s Office, Charmon Evans, Scott Mastroianni, and Merilyn Buchanan. Dynamic Liaisons: Creating: New Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships, Cynthia Coler and Michael Cosenza. Understanding a School: University Partnership From Then to Now, Margaret M. Ferrara. United by a Shared Vision: A Case Study of an Inclusive Professional Development School Using the “Nine Essential Elements”, Amy Hanreddy. PDS Governance: Building a Collaborative Steering Group, Michael Cosenza. PART II: ENHANCING THE CLINICAL EXPERIENCE. Nurturing a Clinical Practice Profession: Residencies and Coteaching, Jeanne Ricci, Melissa LaBelle, and Mandy Hardin. Multidisciplinary Professional Development Schools: Collaboration for Student Success, Jacquelyn M. Allen, Cindy Cary, and Thierry Kolpin. edTPA in the PDS, Drew Polly, Ian C. Binns, and S. Michael Putman. Integrating Special Education Knowledge Into Professional Development Schools, Belinda Dunnick Karge. PART III: TRANSFORMING PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. Building Leadership Capacity: Roles and Responsibilities in a PDS, Michael N. Cosenza. Teacher Leadership in a PDS: Think of the Possibilities, Alison Rutter and Stacey Leon. Districtwide Professional Development Opportunities Within a PDS Culture, Michael McCambridge and Julia Sieger. Incidental Learning as Professional Development, Manuel Correia, Monica Osborn, and Danna Lomax. Professional Development Schools Start With Professional Development: Embedding Learning, Growth, and Evaluation Into Daily Practice, Merilyn Buchanan. Teachers Doing the Rounds: Instructional Rounds—The Missing Link in the Medical School Analogy, Merilyn Buchanan, Craig Helmstedter, and Lynne Freidman. Connecting the Local PDS Community: The Southern California Professional Development School Consortium, Michael Cosenza and Merilyn Buchanan.


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