Using Classification and Regression Trees

A Practical Primer

Xin Ma, University of Kentucky

Published 2018

Classification and regression trees (CART) is one of the several contemporary statistical techniques with good promise for research in many academic fields. There are very few books on CART, especially on applied CART.

This book, as a good practical primer with a focus on applications, introduces the relatively new statistical technique of CART as a powerful analytical tool. The easy-to-understand (non-technical) language and illustrative graphs (tables) as well as the use of the popular statistical software program (SPSS) appeal to readers without strong statistical background. This book helps readers understand the foundation, the operation, and the interpretation of CART analysis, thus becoming knowledgeable consumers and skillful users of CART.

The chapter on advanced CART procedures not yet well-discussed in the literature allows readers to effectively seek further empowerment of their research designs by extending the analytical power of CART to a whole new level. This highly practical book is specifically written for academic researchers, data analysts, and graduate students in many disciplines such as economics, social sciences, medical sciences, and sport sciences who do not have strong statistical background but still strive to take full advantage of CART as a powerful analytical tool for research in their fields.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction. CHAPTER 2: Statistical Principles of CART. CHAPTER 3: Basic Techniques of CART. CHAPTER 4: Issues in CART Analysis. CHAPTER 5: Applications of CART. CHAPTER 6: Advanced Techniques of CART. References. Appendices A-I