American Educational History Journal - Golden Anniversary Edition

Volume 50 Numbers 1 & 2

Edited by:
Shirley Marie McCarther, University of Missouri-Kansas City

A volume in the series: American Educational History Journal. Editor(s): Shirley Marie McCarther, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Published 2023

The American Educational History Journal is a peer-reviewed, national research journal devoted to the examination of educational topics using perspectives from a variety of disciplines. The editors of AEHJ encourage communication between scholars from numerous disciplines, nationalities, institutions, and backgrounds. Authors come from a variety of disciplines including political science, curriculum, history, philosophy, teacher education, and educational leadership. Acceptance for publication in AEHJ requires that each author present a well-articulated argument that deals substantively with questions of educational history.

AEHJ will accept two types of original unpublished manuscripts not under consideration by any other journal or publisher, for review and potential publication. The first consists of papers that are presented each year at our annual meeting. The second type consists of general submission papers received throughout the year. General submission papers may be submitted at any time. They will not, however, undergo the review process until January when papers presented at the annual conference are also due for review and potential publication. For more information about the Organization of Educational Historians (OEH) and its annual conference, visit the OEH web site:

VOLUME 50 GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY EDITION. Editor’s Introduction, Shirley Marie McCarther. GOLDEN MEMORIES PART I: REFLECTIONS. Past to Now, Receding, Donald Warren. Golden Memories from a Former AEHJ Editor, J. Wesley Null. Continuity and Change, AEHJ, Volumes 39–41, Paul J. Ramsey. Memories of Midwest History of Education—Organization of Educational Historians, Lynn M. Burlbaw. OEH Members Comprise My Fondest Memories, Vanessa Garry. ISSUE NUMBER 1: ARTICLES. 2022 Presidential Address—Educational Historians in an Epoch of Change: Unite, Support, Contribute, R. Eric Platt. Up North, Black Families Walked Out: Counternarratives of Jim Crow School Resistance, 1930–1935, Amaarah DeCuir. Florida’s House Bill 1557: How We Got Here, Taylor Masamitsu. All in a Day’s Work: The Radical Teaching Career of Dr. Jessie Wallace Hugan, Katherine A. Perrotta. The Educational Professional Doctorate as an American Creation in Perspective: How American Institutions Created the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Degree, James W. Thomas and Holly A. Foster. Cultivating a Constituency for Vocational Education in Agriculture: Michigan Agricultural College’s Work, Glenn P. Lauzon. El Centro, Inc.: A Kansas City Nonprofit’s Four Decades of Youth Educational Programming, Leah S. La Faver. GOLDEN MEMORIES PART II: REFLECTIONS. An Assemblage of Memories, Ann Marie Ryan. OEH: An Ecumenical Spirit that Fuels Questioning and Collaboration, Glenn P. Lauzon. From Petrified to President: My Golden Memories of OEH, Donna M. Davis. Illuminating Educational History with Openness, Flexibility, and Encouragement, Robert Poch. ISSUE NUMBER 2: ARTICLES. Everybody is Somebody at Johnson: The Irony of Integrated Excellence in Austin, Texas, Barbara L. Pazey, Kelley King, and Frances vanTassell. The Development of Police Science Programs in Higher Education, Cynthia Vleugels. Navigating Paradox and Power in the Nation’s Capital: The John F. Cook Family and Elite Black Leadership in the District’s Segregated Schools (1880–1920), Danielle M. Carrier. Creativity and American Education from the Progressive through the Postwar Era: Purposes, Meanings, and Measurements, Sevan G. Terzian and Sage Wright. Americanization, Assimilation, and Adult Education in the Gila River Incarceration Camp, 1942–1945, Emily M. Kilgore and Chara Haeussler Bohan. Two Stories in Search of One Tale: The History of Education Research Meets Critical Race Theory—A Review of Key Secondary Sources and a Call for a New Narrative, Thomas V. O’Brien and Tommie Killen. GOLDEN MEMORIES PART III: REFLECTIONS. In Ten Years: A String of OEH Memories, R. Eric Platt. Navigating Beyond the Periphery, Kipton D. Smilie and Benedict L. Adams. My First Presentation, Cheryl Osby. Full Circle: Mentoring and Being Mentored at the Organization of Educational Historians, Katherine A. Perrotta. OEH and AEHJ: A Lot of Firsts, Jared R. Stallones.