Theorizing the Past, History, and Historiography in Management and Organization Studies

Gabrielle A. T. Durepos, St. Francis Xavier University
Albert J. Mills, Saint Mary’s University

Published 2012

This book sets out to answer the call for the historic turn in organization studies through the development of an alternative methodology for history, one that we call ANTi-History. In responding to that call, this book contributes generally to the broad critique of the ahistorical nature of management and organization theory, but more specifically it sets out to address the need for more historicized research and in particular, alternative ways of writing and conceptualizing history. The application and theoretical development of ANTi-History is explored through the performance of a series of histories of Pan American Airways.

Preface 1 Introducing the Theory and Performativity of ANTi-History 2 Revisiting the Sociology of Knowledge: Toward Knowledge as Sociohistorical 3 (Re)assembling Historiographies 4 Actor-Network Theory 5 ANTi-History 6 Writing Transparently the Sociopolitics of History 7 Problematizing “Beginnings” and “Endings” in History 8 Knowledge of the Sociopast in its Multiplicity 9 Concluding Thoughts About the Authors