Advances in Community Thought and Research

Edited by:
Irma N. Guadarrama, University of Texas - Pan Am
John Ramsey, University of Houston
Janice L. Nath, University of Houston

A volume in the series: Research in Professional Development Schools and School-University Partnerships. Editor(s): JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College. Ronald Beebe, University of Houston -Downtown. Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte. Jennifer K. McCorvey, University of South Florida.

Published 2005

The collection of papers in this volume have a combined synergy that exudes a sense of hope and confidence that our progress in the Professional Development Schools research movement has been substantial and vibrant, even though some would argue that the strides are not enough nor fast enough to make a significant difference. However, no one can argue the fact that our efforts are indeed crucial to the improvement of education for all students and in that sense, Professional Development Schools Research is definitely on track.

Acknowledgements. Advances in Community Thought and Research: Introduction. Irma N. Guadarrama. Contributing Authors. Part I: Research on the Standards and Functions of PDSs. Examining How School-Based Partners Bring PDS to Life: NCATE Standards in Their Own Words. Holly Thornton. Conditions of Inquiry Within PDS Relationships. Donna Adair Breault. Are New Teachers Prepared in a PDS-Based Certification Program Really Better?. D. Scott Ridley, Mary Ruth Hackett, Kathleen Landeira, and Patty Tate. Creating a Quantitative Snapshot of a Learning Community Using Dynamics. Claudia A. Balach and George J. Szymanski. Part II: Research on Implementation Designs and Innovations. Optimizing Professional Development School Relationships: Collaborating to Prepare General Preservice Teachers to Succeed in Inclusive Classrooms. Cathy J. Siebert and Jody Britten. From Professional Development to Project: A Professional Development School’s Partnership in Progress. Be Be Hood, Robert Johnson, and Irene Chen. An Interprofessional Response to Latino Students At-Risk of Dropping Out: The Roosevelt High School Pilot Program. Suzanne M. Tochterman, Maria E. Puig, and Donna D. Cooner. Using GESA With Practicing and Preservice Teachers to Work Towards Equity in a Professional Development School. Tania Ramalho and Barbara Beyerbach. Part III: Action Research in the Professional Development School Community. From Dialogue to Practitioner Research in Professional Development Schools: Being Intentional About Student Learning. Carole G. Basile and Stephanie Townsend. Using Inquiry Projects to Promote Reflective Practice: Mixed Results From a Study of Forty-Seven Interns. Robert W. Smith. Exploring the Role of Laptop Computers in a Field-Based Elementary Methods Course. Andrea S. Foster. Preservice Teachers, Professional Development Schools, and Parents: An Autoethnography on Teaching Reading Beyond the University Walls. Nancy L. Williams. Professional Development Schools – A Gift for the Gifted. Eileen Westerman and Janice L. Nath. Coteaching for Deep Understanding: Discovering Core Beliefs About Our Craft. Bernard Badiali and DJ Hammond. Peer Support in Professional Development School: An Unexpected Boon for Teacher Education. Myrna D. Cohen, Janice L. Nath, and Eileen Westerman. Part IV: Reflections and Extensions. A PDS in Name Only: A Mismatch Between Mission and Reality of Practice. Alison L. Rutter. Locating the Authority of Knowledge: Some Postmodern Implications for PDSs. Neil J. Liss.