Model Minority Myth Revisited

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Demystifying Asian American Educational Experiences

Edited by:
Guofang Li, Michigan State University
Lihshing Wang, University of Cincinnati

A volume in the series: Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association Book Series. Editor(s): Guofang Wan, Loyola University Chicago.

Published 2008

This is the first in the book series on educational research sponsored by Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association (CAERDA,

Foreword, Stacey J. Lee. Preface: Interdisciplinary Research in the Era of Globalization, Lihshing Wang, Duc-Le To, and Jinfa Cai. Introduction: The Old Myth in a New Time, Guofang Li and Lihshing Wang. S E C T I O N O N E: SOCIOCULTURAL PERSPECTIVE. Myths and Realities of Asian American Success: Reassessing and Redefining the “Model Minority” Stereotype, L. Ling-chi Wang. The “Model Minority” Struggling in College: Voices of Working-Class Chinese Americans, Vivian Louie. Community, Ethnic Identity, and Social Discourse: Case Study of the Impact of the Model Minority Myth on a Suburban Chinese American Community, Liang Du. S E C T I O N T W O: PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE. Career and Work Implications of the Model Minority Myth and Other Stereotypes for Asian Americans, Frederick T. L. Leong and James Grand. Psychological Impacts of “Model Minority” on Asian Americans, Mei Tang. The Other Side of the Model Minority Story: Understanding Psychological and Social Adjustment of Chinese American Students, Desirée Baolian Qin. Racial Climate and Psychological Distress in Asian Americans: The Question of Multiple Identities, Matthew R. Lee and Jacqueline Mac. S E C T I O N T H R E E: EDUCATIONAL PERSPECTIVE. Where Chinese American Students Might Fall Short: What the “Model Minority” Debate Might Have Missed, David Yun Dai. Interactions between Chinese Parents and Special Education Professionals in IEP Meetings: Implications for the Education of Chinese Immigrant Children with Disabilities, Lusa Lo. Other People’s Success: Impact of the “Model Minority” Myth on Underachieving Asian Students in North America, Guofang Li. Whither the “Whiz Kids” Went: Asian American Students’ Transition to College, Julia Dmitrieva, Chuansheng Chen, and Ellen Greenberger. S E C T I O N F O U R: METHODOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE. Researcher Roles, Relations, and Representations in Ethnographic Studies of Asian American Students, Annette Hemmings. Coping with Methodological Problems in Quantitative Research on Model Minority, Wei Pan and Haiyan Bai. Methodological Confounding in Cross-Cultural Research: A Case Study of Instrumentation and Analysis in Demystifying the Asian Success Formula, Lihshing Wang and Duc-Le To. S E C T I O N F I V E: POLICY PERSPECTIVE. Methodological Issues in Model Minority Research: Where Do We Go from Here? Duc-Le To. Policy Implications of Model Minority Educational Research, Yong Zhao and Wei Qiu. About the Editors and Contributors.

"...let's appreciate and apply the solid scholarship that the book delivers and calls for...." Mitchell J. Chang in Education Review