Journal of Research on Organization in Education

Volume 2, 2018

Editors and Editorial Advisory Board “What Theory is Not” Revisited, Patrick B. Forsyth. Organizing for School Improvement: The Dilemmas of Research-Practice Partnerships, Lora Cohen-Vogel, Danielle Allen, Stacey Rutledge, Christopher Harrison, Marisa Cannata, and Thomas M. Smith. From Teacher to Student Self-Regulatory Climate: Exploring How Leader Support of Teacher Psychological Needs Shapes Teacher Support of Student Psychological Needs, Jordan K. Ware and Timothy G. Ford. The Cultural Dimensions of Principals’ Instructional Leadership: An Exploratory Analysis, Brandon Clark, Douglas Wieczorek, and Jonathan Damiani. Enlightening, Inspiring... and Transforming? Superintendents’ Responses to Speakers’ Presentations on Equity-Focused Leadership Practices, Rachel Roegman, David Allen, Ruqayyah Perkins-Williams, and Anne Murphy-Kline. 2019 Call for Manuscripts. About the Contributors.