Middle Grades Research Journal

Middle Grades Research Journal (MGRJ) is a refereed, peer reviewed journal that publishes original studies providing both empirical and theoretical frameworks that focus on middle grades education. A variety of articles are published in, June, September, and December of each volume year.

A Time of Transition: Passing the Baton

This publication year, 2015, marks the end of the term of office for the current editorial team. Faced with myriad publication responsibilities in various other venues, Editor-in-Chief, Frances Spielhagen, and her team of Associate Editors, Robert Capraro, Mary Margaret Capraro, and Gerald Goldin, did not seek another term as editors. We are grateful for the support the journal has had from the Editorial Board, our reviewers, and contributors over the last three years. We have strived to build on the legacy of quality and integrity that has characterized this journal from its inception. We are proud of the work we have done and look forward to supporting the next team as it moves this journal forward in the years to come.

In the Spring, 2015, the Editorial Board of the Middle Grades Research Journal conducted an exhaustive search and review of applications for a new editorial team. Two very strong proposals emerged from this process, rendering the selection process difficult but assuring that the journal would benefit from the succession of strong personnel, regardless of the final selection. Therefore, we are proud to announce the new editorial team that will take the helm with the Volume 11, Spring, 2016, issue.

Editor Larry G. Daniel, Zucker Family School of Education, The Citadel
Associate Editors: Renée N. Jefferson, Zucker Family School of Education, The Citadel
Aaron H. Oberman, Zucker Family School of Education, The Citadel
Action Editors: Stephenie M. Hewett, Zucker Family School of Education, The Citadel
Tammy J. Graham, Zucker Family School of Education, The Citadel
Style Editor: Mary Margaret Capraro, College of Education, Texas A&M University
Editorial Office: Zucker Family School of Education
The Citadel
171 Moultrie Street, Capers 307
Charleston, SC 29409

Transition to the new team will take place during the Fall, 2015. The current team will handle the review process for the final issue in Volume 10, Number 3, Winter, 2015. Frances Spielhagen will stay on as Editor Emerita, in an advisory capacity for the new team as needed.