Christianity, Education and Modern Society

Edited by:
William Jeynes, California State-Long Beach
Enedina Martinez, Point Loma Nazarene University

Published 2007

The issues that these authors address in this book are some of the most salient in American society. It is imperative that Americans today address these issues and establish an appropriate world view. There is little question that how people resolve these issues will have a long-lasting impact on the future of civilization.

Introduction, William Jeynes and Enedina Martinez. Acknowledgments, William Jeynes and Enedina Martinez. PART I: THE NEED FOR EDUCATION TO RETURN TO ITS CHRISTIAN ROOTS. Do American Students Need Prayer and Moral Education Returned to the Public Schools? William Jeynes. Reflections on the Theologies of Education of John Comenius and John Wesley, Enedina Martinez. “Why Educate?”: A Return to the Classical Christian Model, Kenneth R. Calvert. PART II: ISSUES AND PRACTICES CONFRONTING CHRISTIANS IN MODERN SOCIETY. Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow: The Supreme Court and Pledge of Allegiance, Charles J. Russo and Ralph D. Mawdsley. Church and State in Civics Education: Teaching the Real Meaning of the First Amendment, Fred W. Beuttler. The Religious and Prayer Lives of Public School Teachers, James M. M. Hartwick. PART III: CREATIONISM AND DARWINISM—MAKING THE CASE. The Problem of Origins: Intelligent Design, Creationism and Evolution Contrasted, Larry DeWerd. Race, Special Education, and Darwinism, William Jeynes. The Unfinished Epic In Five Acts, Ralph D. Winter. PART IV: CHRISTIAN SOLUTIONS TO SOCIAL PROBLEMS AND EDUCATIONAL CHALLENGES. Does Education Matter? Testing the Influence of School Type on Risk Behaviors Among Christian Teens, Dick M. Carpenter II. Assessing the Role of Religion in Preventing Youth Crime, Byron R. Johnson. The Relationship Between Religiosity and the High Academic Achievement of Puerto Rican High School Students: Promoting Church-School Partnerships, René Antrop-González, William Vélez, and Tomás Garrett. Looking for the Anointing, Christopher Ullman. Conclusion, William Jeynes and Enedina Martinez. About the Authors.